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      CS:GO - Dallas 30man Pub Contest - Until Nov. 17   10/14/2016

      Contest will be taking place on the VPP CS:GO Dallas 30man Pub Contest will end on November 17, 2016, at 11:59:59pm EST Top 3 players on GameMe stats will receive prizes listed below Rank # 1 - $20 Rank # 2 - $15 Rank # 3 - $10   Payments will be made through one of the listed below: PayPal Amazon Gift-card Server Reserve-Slot  
    • Welcome to ClanVPP

      SkinLobby - your CS:GO marketplace and trading hub   10/14/2016

      Hello! I'm sure most of you don't recall me, but that's fine. I'm not so active, especially now, when I super busy. I'm VPP's developer. I'm maintaining any backend jobs on the CVPP site, ad well am fixing issues Toan reports to me that needs to be fixed. For last few months, I've been working under CS:GO Skin site, about which you most likely knew nothing until now. We also been beta testing it for the past month or so, and I believe it's the time to let you guys try it by yourself. But before I do so, I'd like to tell you a bit about the project; At first, it supposed to be match betting site, with advanced pricing system, to escape from CSGOLounge's problem. Some of you might noticed, their pricing system wasn't always fair. That's because they were not putting any effort to get prices updated, they were updating them once new cases came out. BUT. Gambling with STEAM API got disallowed, and because I had such great base for CS:GO skin site, I thought I shouldn't dump the project. And that's how currentSkinLobby's idea turned into an actual project. SkinLobby is a marketplace platform built around the CS:GO trading community. On the backend, it's running bots finding safe price* for each item individually. Before I let you use it, please continue reading: SkinLobby is still in beta stage. It's missing a lot of features that will be implemented, and you might experience some bugs while using the site, therefore please don't panic, and I'd really appreciate if you would inform me about bugs you find. Either via STEAM, or under this post. (if that's security issue, please inform me in private).  Currently known bugs and problems are: Pricing system doesn't fetch all the items - temporary disabled.   Caution! You're going to experience some front-end ugliness. As I'm a backend developer, and my graphic designer had just little, I was forced to design the site by myself. The template will change, and is on my todo list!  Links: SkinLobby STEAM Group STEAM Bots ME   PS anyone is welcome to add me on STEAM and talk to me about the project. Wether you wanna share with some ideas, you wanna be part of the project or to just say hi - I won't bite you!   Best Regards, Patryk Cieszkowski
    Please check out our tournament for our Dallas 128 tic public server, with 45$ in prizes! More info in general announcement section.
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    • Well, hello everyone!  For those who know me, i've been playing R6 and Overwatch...for those who dont know me...it doesnt matter. Im sharing an app for all those record breakers, trash talkers, and sports fans our there!  I present to you, FireFan! https://www.firefan.com/?code=catchfire This is a real-time interactive free to play sports app for your smart phone.  You play along during live games and make predictions prior and during live sports games.  Take football for example. Predict; the coin toss, the game winner, quarter by quarter point spread, QB/RB/WR passing/rushing yards, and more.  The more you are correct, the more you get rewarded! Prizes include smart TVs, gaming consoles, tablets, gift cards, team apparel, Under Armour gear, and more! Free to play, free to win! FireFan Gameplay I'll take any and all questions you have. -BroHamBone  
    • It's spam bots. Seen it before, they reply to old/inactive topics and post pointless replies.
    • Any reason why you're necroposting? O_o are you going for admin or something and want to meet the post count? You no longer need to meet it.
    • I do not approve of this message!! That message was sponsor by Liam and Co. 
    • Thank you Liam! It's an honor to be a part of the VPP Family