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  2. *navs included ar_baggage.bsp ar_baggage.nav ar_baggage_story.txt ar_dizzy.bsp ar_dizzy.nav ar_lunacy.bsp ar_lunacy.nav ar_monastery.bsp ar_monastery.nav ar_poolstay.bsp ar_shoots.bsp ar_shoots.nav ar_shoots_story.txt coop_kasbah.bsp coop_kasbah.nav cs_agency.bsp cs_agency.txt cs_agency_cameras.txt cs_assault.bsp cs_assault.nav cs_assault_cameras.txt cs_cs16_assault.bsp cs_downtown.bsp cs_estate.bsp cs_italy.bsp cs_italy.nav cs_italy_cameras.txt cs_italy_story.txt cs_militia.bsp cs_militia.nav cs_militia_cameras.txt cs_motel.bsp cs_museum.bsp cs_office.bsp cs_office.nav cs_office_cameras.txt cs_office_legacy.bsp cs_office_story.txt cs_siege.bsp cs_thunder.bsp de_3rdstrike_b1.bsp de_aurelia.bsp de_aztec.bsp de_aztec_lg.bsp de_bagra_rc8.bsp de_bank.bsp de_bank.nav de_bank_2018_11.bsp de_bermuda_rc8.bsp de_blast_beta02.bsp de_breach.bsp de_breach.txt de_brooktown.bsp de_bublik_rf.bsp de_cache.bsp de_cache.txt de_cache_2019.bsp de_cache_cameras.txt de_cache_new.bsp de_cache_parkour.bsp de_cache_winter1.bsp de_calr_mill.bsp de_cambodia.bsp de_canals.bsp de_canals.nav de_castle.bsp de_cbble.bsp de_cbble.nav de_cbble_cameras.txt de_cbble_classic.bsp de_cbble_classic.nav de_cbble_csgo_final.bsp de_cbble_old.bsp de_cbble_vpp.bsp de_cbble_vpp.nav de_chimera.bsp de_chinatown.bsp de_cobertura.bsp de_cobertura_natal_v1b.bsp de_codewise2.bsp de_contra_b3.bsp de_crossfire.bsp de_crown_v3.bsp de_cyberwar.bsp de_d2night.bsp de_desert_atrocity.bsp de_dolls_csgo.bsp de_dst.bsp de_dust.bsp de_dust_legacy.bsp de_dust_vpp.bsp de_dust2.bsp de_dust2.nav de_dust2_2006_accy.bsp de_dust2_cameras.txt de_dust2_classic.bsp de_dust2_fo.bsp de_dust2_night.bsp de_dust2_story.txt de_dust2_unlimited_go.bsp de_dust2snow.bsp de_dustec.bsp de_eternity.bsp de_fasterline_v2.bsp de_favela.bsp de_frost.bsp de_fuel_rc2.bsp de_golden.bsp de_gwalior.bsp de_heat.bsp de_highrise.bsp de_ignite.bsp de_infernew_v4.bsp de_inferno.bsp de_inferno.nav de_inferno_cameras.txt de_inferno_night.bsp de_inferno_story.txt de_inferno_winter.bsp de_institut.bsp de_iris.bsp de_island.bsp de_island.nav de_kyrenia.bsp de_lake.bsp de_lake.nav de_lite.bsp de_log.bsp de_losttemple.bsp de_mill_ce.bsp de_mill_promod.bsp de_mirage.bsp de_mirage.nav de_mirage_cameras.txt de_mirage_ce.bsp de_mirage_dusk.bsp de_mirage_parkour.bsp de_mirage_winter.bsp de_mist.bsp de_nightfever_beta.bsp de_nuke.bsp de_nuke.nav de_nuke_cameras.txt de_nuke_halloween.bsp de_nuke_revamp.bsp de_nuke_story.txt de_outferno.bsp de_overgrown.bsp de_overpass.bsp de_overpass.nav de_overpass_cameras.txt de_piranesi.bsp de_pitstop.bsp de_pripyat.bsp de_prodigy.bsp de_rails.bsp de_rats_1337.bsp de_rats_2004ever.bsp de_reef.bsp de_ruins.bsp de_russka_b2.bsp de_safehouse.bsp de_safehouse.nav de_santorini.bsp de_season_new_rc5.bsp de_season_rc1.bsp de_shortdust.bsp de_shortdust.nav de_shortnuke.bsp de_shortnuke.nav de_skyline.bsp de_sparity.bsp de_sparity_infinity.bsp de_stadium.bsp de_stardew.bsp de_stgellert.bsp de_stmarc.bsp de_stmarc.nav de_stmary.bsp de_strike.bsp de_studio.bsp de_studio.txt de_sugarcane.bsp de_sugarcane.nav de_tides_old.bsp de_toscan.bsp de_train.bsp de_train.nav de_train_cameras.txt de_tuscan_b2.bsp de_typhoon.bsp de_vantage.bsp de_vegas_csgo_v7.bsp de_vertigo.bsp de_vertigo.nav de_vertigo_cameras.txt de_village.bsp de_westwood.bsp de_westwood_x2.bsp dm_rust.bsp dz_blacksite.bsp dz_blacksite.nav dz_blacksite_cameras.txt dz_junglety.bsp dz_junglety.txt dz_sirocco.bsp dz_sirocco.nav fy_buzzkill.bsp fy_croftmanor_v2.bsp fy_dildo_party.bsp fy_dusty.bsp fy_friction.bsp fy_iceworld.bsp fy_iceworld_106_2.bsp fy_iceworld_old1.bsp fy_iceworld_old1.nav fy_iceworld_origins.bsp fy_iceworld_vpp.bsp fy_iceworld_vpp.nav fy_iceworld2_vpp.bsp fy_nukeworld_v3.bsp fy_pool_day.bsp fy_poolparty_lego.bsp fy_simpsons.bsp fy_snow.bsp fy_snow_v13.bsp fy_snowdev_vpp.bsp fy_snowdev_vpp.nav fy_tibet.bsp gd_cbble.bsp gd_cbble.nav gd_rialto.bsp gd_rialto.nav mg_grands_multigames_v1_1.bsp mg_grands_multigames_v1_1.nav newankara.bsp pillar.bsp
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  4. you are all setup bud thank you
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  6. tek


    $10 donation.
  7. Thank you bud, you should be setup now
  8. onE^


    one $10 donation Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:206185
  9. tek


    teknique STEAM_1:0:3596071
  10. Thank you for playing guys and Merry Christmas to all of you: Negev = Nesb and NOz = $50 Zeusu= Bot_luka = $25 knife= Benn = $100 Please Pm me your paypal
  11. I am a GLAMma :) Meet baby Kinsley - or as I call her baby Fritzy 

    Baby Kinsley.jpg

  12. Hi buddy, you should be setup now. I also added you on steam for a chat.
  13. Avi


    Hello, I donated $5 for a reserved slot. IGN: Avi ID: STEAM_0:1:36928636
  14. skins been disabled for now, if traffic goes down on our server then I will have to put it back on.
  15. I'm down with removing them to be honest. I do agree with Barney.
  16. @Welcome to ClanVPP Bumping this thread as this continues to be a constant annoyance. It seems like the general majority of regulars do not enjoy skins, yet there is a small contingent that uses them. As Benn pointed out initially, once one person uses them, it becomes a snowball effect. (So much so that the common trend is to type !skins in team chat, so the other team doesn't do it immediately. A pretty obvious sign that this is used in a toxic way) How much do I need to donate to make them go away? Can we crowdfund it? This is the only issue with VPP servers. Maybe we have Friday/Saturday nights with Skins on, the rest of the weekdays are normal? I feel like there are better options.
  17. We'll have to test it one of these days maybe before the server gets populated or when it's really late and people starts leaving. update It's working for fixins now so. It was probably the nuke.cache that was causing it some map sound or w/e. @Moop the communistyou can add nuke back in rotation unless people don't like playing it.
  18. i did another clean install and re verified game file integrity, i think it could be fixed now but haven't played nuke in server since i did this. thank you benn for the help
  19. Seeing as everyone else is able to load the map, I am inclined to believe it is a problem on your side. The steps above should've corrected it, but I've removed nuke from the rotation as a stop-gap resolution for you and other reasons.
  20. delete the one you have and put this. Hopefully it helps since I actually have no idea why yours isn't working, its the 1st time i've seen this happen. The things you've done should've fixed it but yea try this one. Hope it fixes it delete all the de_nuke map you have even the de_nuke.cache de_nuke.rar
  21. since its last update the server will not load de_nuke for me yes i've deleted its files and redownloaded the map, ive reinstalled and cleared cache and etc etc still broken for me on the server but if i play nuke in MM it loads just fine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  22. Hi, all I would like to suggest adding my map as your permanent trade map to your trade server(s). I can change the map to add your logo if you have one and add/remove things as you see fit. I've had this map collecting dust for a while and want it to be on a server. Add me. Add me on Steam! I'd really like my map to get played! Map Description: For this map, I made a dark city with many buildings that are each accessible and have different surprised in each of them! The map is accessible to the top with any class. Yes, even heavy! The beginning is my take on Trade Plaza for all you people who like to snipe back and forth like me. And multiple exists to prevent spawn camping. Anyways, enough with the boring stuff lets see some screenshots! Features I have included: -Tic Tac Toe -Connect 4 -Complete Rocket Jumping Course -Heavy boxing ring with cage -Multiple Secrets -Sniper Mini-Game -Working Vending Machines! And much much more! Thanks for reading and let me know what you guys think. I was commissioned to make the map originally for heart.tf. But they backed out near the end. So the only link I have of the map has their logo on it. So if you'd like to take a look here's the link. Download!
  23. Hi 2 Soon Jr, Thank you for your donation of $60.00. We will use the donation to help pay for our servers and contest. Thanks ClanVPP - Very Poor People
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