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  2. Thank you for the donation, you should be setup now bud
  3. Saint


    STEAM_1:0:18161545 Saint-Tabarnac I made a 5$ donation but couldn't leave a note. Here's a proof if needed:
  4. Thank you bud, you should be setup now
  5. zoe


    Donated $25 Zoe STEAM_1:1:104078110
  6. Apparently it's an IP ban, so I don't think my steamID will matter in this case.
  7. Just tried connecting to the server through console, and no luck there. Here's the message from console: Connecting to public( ... Banned by server
  8. I don't see you on the ban list so it might be just a temp ban.
  9. In-game Name: terrorblade Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:27232451 Reason to Appeal: Banned for "rcon hacking", after I typed "rcon" in console to improve FPS (Pretty common solution to sudden fps drops, I've done it like 100 times on this server and on others). Ban Message: "Banned by the server" Server: Dallas Competitive
  10. you are all setup bud, thank you
  11. Faded


    Donated $5 Your In-Game Name: Faded SteamID:STEAM_1:0:88034836
  12. I’m able to connect now thank you!
  13. Okay let me know when I should attempt again to see if it works, thanks.
  14. I can finally see the server in my favorites but I joined twice and I’m getting the message “You have been banned from this server.” I’m still unable to join
  15. You can try now, had to restart the server
  16. I loaded into my game to check if I could finally see the server but I’m still getting the message “server not responding” Could it be the system is still delayed or something else?
  17. Thank you! And I was saying it out of sarcasm in response to waffles but if I understand the context you’re saying I can’t use it in which is sarcasm or I guess in a scenario where I’m being accused I’ll just maintain seriousness and deny it but thanks for the understanding!
  18. He should be able to join on a map change or server restart whichever come first
  19. I originally banned him because server regulars were telling me he was hacking. I chose to go through with the action primarily because you said CSGO without hacks were not fun. Reviewing the evidence shown, I'm okay with unbanning him. However, for future reference, please try not to make statements that can be easily misconstrued. Jokingly referencing hacks is fine, but saying it matter-of-factly is a different story. One more thing - I noticed that you have multiple steam accounts. I strongly advise you to only play here with your main account. Happy Fragging & Sorry for the inconvenience.
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