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      Donation information   02/03/2017

      Please be sure to include your steam ID and IGN in the comments while you donate so we know who its from if you're logged in as guest (Unless you're registered and signed in) It will automatically post a thread once you donate   If you did not include this information in your Donation Note, Please create a new Support Request here with the following information: Your In-Game Name SteamID
    • VPP_Liam

      Player Support   03/12/2017

      Please use our Support Central located here:http://clanvpp.com/forum/7-support-central/ CHATBOX IS NOT FOR SUPPORT
    • Guest

      VPP LAN Party Late 2017/Early 2018   04/04/2017

      Please click the following thread for more information and replies  
    • AdminPolice

      New VPP Discord server   04/10/2018

      Please view the below post for more information.   


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  1. 2 points
    Congrats Reece!!! Awesome job on the admin test and welcome to the family.
  2. 2 points
    Thanks for your response. My goal wasn't to interrogate you, it was more to understand the context of what you said. Chat is nearly useless without context. You have to understand that with players applying from the TF2 server it's important to ensure that the admins we hire are of quality. The aim of my questions was merely to give you a chance to explain yourself. Anyways, if you do end up getting admin, realize that you'll have to start enforcing the rules (e.g. no n-bombs from other players, reduce spam, etc). I know the server is really casual but there is a line that needs to be drawn. Mr. VPP will get back to you, hold tight.
  3. 1 point
    Looking forward to working with you on improving TF2 Reece, welcome to the team! For any other TF2 players reading this thread, if you feel like you're qualified feel free to apply in the appropriate forum :].
  4. 1 point
    Just making it clear that I have taken the test and am awaiting review. I took the test Sunday April 8th around 12pm.
  5. 1 point
    @shoottomaim the map is in now. @hype are you a map maker?
  6. 1 point
    I have egon world and alot of the custom maps from EcG back before they banned me and their servers died. i can provide more maps if you want.