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    I'd come but TSA wont let me through. Never thought being too sexy would scare people.
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    You're leaving the Rejects Doge??!!
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    Aww that is so nice of you Mrs. Moop. Yea you're right though, putting up with Mr. Moop is going to be tough.
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    In-game Name: waterfall Steam ID: steam_0:1:90282930 Reason to Appeal: I want to apologize to all the players whom I insulted, I promise that this will not happen again. I admit my guilt that very often I did not follow my own language, but I changed. I promise that I will not dare anyone else to offend, I apologize again. I know its my last chance and I want to prove to you guys that I can change and be mature.If I am to be toxic again, please give me guidance and warn me. Ban Message: Permanent Ban (Toxicity) Server: Very Poor People | Dallas| Comp| 128 Tick |ClanVPP.com ( steam_0:1:90282930 steam_0:1:90282930 steam_0:1:90282930
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    well so far I banned a few more alt accounts of yours. Maybe I can catch them all like a pokemon.
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    Just changing up the map rotation a bit. Let me know if the pubbers like this or not de_dust2 de_mirage de_nuke de_dust2 de_season de_overpass de_cache cs_office Please reply here to give feedback!
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    As I say to everyone, CS GO is heavily dependent on the CPU rather than GPU. I had 750ti before which game me the same graphic performance as the 690 I have at the moment. I even tried 1070 which was about the same in graphical performance. The core i5 3570k you have lacks a bit in single core performance, which is targeted by CS Go heavily. Maybe that might be the issue with your lag. Have you unparked all your cpu's. Did you overclock it? Perhaps those might help the issue with the fps and lags. Personally I built my own pc with 4690k and overclocked it to 4.4 ghz. I am having no problems right now with the performance, avg 300 in 5v5 and even 200+ in the dallas pub with 30 people. Perhaps when you are upgrading the gpu, also upgrade the cpu also. You can probably get a combo like i5 6600k + 1060 for cheaper in newegg.
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    You touch my skins you will die!!
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    Thanks Liam! I appreciate it.
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    What place was this? Good looking group of guys and gal.
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    Well Dihydrogen I'm just sick of the fact that you hadn't learned anything from the last time you got banned. You come back for a week and you're still doing the trolling, spending whole rounds typing, spending all day trying to taze, being toxic towards people, start right off the bat with accusing Duma, not even using correct format for a ban appeal. We've cleaned up a lot of trolls off the server and I'm not unbanning you. Feel free to remake your appeal just like all the other perm banned trolls that didn't learn anything. Maybe you'll do something correctly for once in your life and use the correct format that we request when people do ban appeals. Somebody lock this thread please because there's no longer any need for discussion on this topic.
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    wth he left you high and dry and you are taking him back? is it because of his hacks?
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    Hello! I'm sure most of you don't recall me, but that's fine. I'm not so active, especially now, when I super busy. I'm VPP's developer. I'm maintaining any backend jobs on the CVPP site, ad well am fixing issues Toan reports to me that needs to be fixed. For last few months, I've been working under CS:GO Skin site, about which you most likely knew nothing until now. We also been beta testing it for the past month or so, and I believe it's the time to let you guys try it by yourself. But before I do so, I'd like to tell you a bit about the project; At first, it supposed to be match betting site, with advanced pricing system, to escape from CSGOLounge's problem. Some of you might noticed, their pricing system wasn't always fair. That's because they were not putting any effort to get prices updated, they were updating them once new cases came out. BUT. Gambling with STEAM API got disallowed, and because I had such great base for CS:GO skin site, I thought I shouldn't dump the project. And that's how current SkinLobby's idea turned into an actual project. SkinLobby is a marketplace platform built around the CS:GO trading community. On the backend, it's running bots finding safe price* for each item individually. Before I let you use it, please continue reading: SkinLobby is still in beta stage. It's missing a lot of features that will be implemented, and you might experience some bugs while using the site, therefore please don't panic, and I'd really appreciate if you would inform me about bugs you find. Either via STEAM, or under this post. (if that's security issue, please inform me in private). Currently known bugs and problems are: Pricing system doesn't fetch all the items - temporary disabled. Caution! You're going to experience some front-end ugliness. As I'm a backend developer, and my graphic designer had just little, I was forced to design the site by myself. The template will change, and is on my todo list! Links: SkinLobby STEAM Group STEAM Bots ME PS anyone is welcome to add me on STEAM and talk to me about the project. Wether you wanna share with some ideas, you wanna be part of the project or to just say hi - I won't bite you! Best Regards, Patryk Cieszkowski
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    I'm please to announce by popular vote you have been accepted to join the VPP Family. Welcome to the Family! Please wait in my Waiting Room when I'm online to go over a few things. This will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about being a VPP Member. Kind Regards, Liam Benfield Community Manager
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    Please congrats Face on his new promotion. Face dedication and commitment to VPP has been more than wonderful since a lot of our members are not even active anymore. By starting up our tournament again and helping out with the servers, VPP is becoming more and more popular again. Thank you for all your hard work Sir Facealot
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    So increase the reward for doing objectives and all points deductions to -10
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    I miss making videos and highlights. I know it sounds weird but these are some good times I have while gaming and I just wanna be able to look back on this in the future.
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    We are looking for a ninja defuse clip and a clutch clip. Please upload the video and show us the clip and if you are picked the winner you will get $20 for each winning video. The winner must provide us with the video files and not a youtube link. We will upload the video on VPPGamingNetwork.com on the video section when its done
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    Insurgency Server Rules In this topic I will explain our server rules and how we expect all our players to behave on our servers so we can create a fun and peaceful environment for everyone so players can get along and have a fun time in the server without having to witness offensive or racist comments. Rule 1: Respect All Players No matter their players skill, sex, race or any beliefs everyone should be respected for who they are. If a player is doing not as good as everyone else then offer them some friendly advice and don't criticize the player or you will just decrease their confidence in the game. I know how it feels it has happened to me once and it does effect you a lot. Respect all races and religions and do not shame or hate or use a religion as an insult to anyone or even insult anyone in the server for that matter. We want to make players feel like they are welcome in our servers and not afraid they will be attacked. Remember this is a causal server no one gains anything from it no one is effected if they win or lose it is just a game. Anyone caught being aggressive or insulting any other player action will be taken against them, try not to retaliate if someone is attacking you on the server report it here on the forums or on Sourceban's and action will be taken as quickly as we can. Avoid taking matters into your own hands. We understand that you are being attacked put please avoid causing a disturbance most likely it will get worse when other players get involved then we have a server argument on our hands. Disrespect or ignoring admins can lead to serve punishments depending on the Admin. They are free to issue either 3-6 points depending on how offended or disrespected they felt. Rule 2: No Spawn Camping I'm saying a No to camping outside the other teams spawn it takes away the enjoyment for the other players and the game becomes unfair. We at VPP have always had a goal of making all our games fair and equal for all. On our CS:GO servers there have been a lot of discussion about Team Balancing as we want to make the games fair. Anyone who is caught or reported to be camping outside the other teams Spawn they will be investigated and action will be taken against them. Rule 3: No Racism No matter what race you are or how you wish to use the "N word" please refrain from using any racist terms. Same goes for player names, if your name contains a racist word/phrase you will be asked to change it whilst on our servers. We check logs daily and if you are found to use racist comments you will be banned depending on the following: 3-4 Racist Comments in chatlog - 1 Day Ban 5-6 Racist Comments - 3 Day 7+ Racist Comments - 1 Week Note each player is judge on how often they used Racist Language and how offensive it has come across. Rule 4: No Advertising Please do not post links to the following: Another Community/Clan Website TeamSpeak Server Another Community's Server IP Rule 5: Cheating Anyone caught cheating will be Permanently banned from all our servers. Anyone who is reported for cheating either in Private or via our Forums, the suspect will be investigated and a ban will be put in place if found guilty of using Cheats on our servers. Rule 6: Voice/Chat Spamming Please do not spam voice or chat, failing to follow the rule will result in a mute on your player preventing you to use any forms of communications in all our servers until the restriction has expired or you have appealed on our Forums or on Sourcebans. Rule 7: Abusing Voting System If you are found to be abusing the voting system by calling unnecessary votes such as vote kicking a innocent player, voting for a map that has already been voted against you will be warned, then kicked then bans will be put in place and restrictions to use the Voting System in the future. There is already a cool down timer to prevent players from spamming the voting system. Rule 8: Placing C4 in Enemy Spawn Placing C4 in the other teams spawn and detonating it as the next wave spawns in is considered illegal and unfair on our servers. You are free to place C4 anywhere on the objectives or near them but not in the other teams spawn. If caught planting C4 in the enemy team you will be kicked or banned. If an investigation is opened with visual evidence players will be banned without warning. General Sanctions Here is generally we take action against any player whilst in the act, in most cases unless noted in the individual rule such as "Cheating" which has it's own sanction for the obvious reason. We will never ban a player without visual evidence such as a demo or a screenshot however we will warn them and put them on the watch list. If a player has been reported in the past with no evidence and later evidence is caught that evidence will be attached to that report. You will be kicked for breaking any of the rules excluding Hacking If you receive already been kicked once, you will then receive 3 Points (3 Day Cooldown Ban) Continuing to break any Server Rules you will be issued 3 Points which will be added to the total number of points on your Player Record If you reach a total of 9 Points on your player record, you will be permanently be banned from our Community Note: Reported offences with evidence will automatically skip the Warning System and a Temporary Ban will be issued. The Sanction System is used when a Admin is present on the server. Open cases have their own Sanctions which is determined by the lead admin or a member of Management such as Liam. WARNING: YOU CAN BE BANNED AT ANYTIME IF CAUGHT BREAKING RULES WHEN LOGS ARE CHECKED OR A REPORT IS SUBMITTED! By joining our server(s) you agreeing to respect each rule and will accept your consequences if you break them. You do not have to be online in the server if we wish to take actions against you. Upon checking logs we can ban your account without any warnings if you are found breaking the server rules. If you suspect or have evidence of anyone (including admins) breaking any of the rules listed above you can either post a public Player Report here or submit a Private report for only Management to read on here. Most reports are handled by me or passed onto another admin and a investigation will be launched on every report brought to us. Action will only be taken against any players if there is evidence to support the case. Just as in a court of law if there is no evidence we cannot take action against another player in the server. If a player is reported without evidence they are added to a Watch list and they are monitored by our Admin Team. We have a team of very skilled and experienced admins within our Team and have excellent investigation skills. Signed, Liam Benfield Head Community Manager Player Experience Manager
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    awwww well thanks for the try anyways haha that server was fun last night