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    Wtf? You're only 26?? You play like you're 50! Haha I kid.
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    We are planning to get a Full Rack in Dallas which mean we can put 35 to 40 Dedicated machines there. Our plan would be around Mid September. So whenever there are new games and if pubg let us host our own servers, we can always do it for free.
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    Always liked Moop so I'm going to be cheering for him, but if mdnight might take me out for PHO if he wins :< decision, decison
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    its saturday night most of the ppl are out drinking and having sex with their big penises
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    DAMN. I thought that drinking came with this job.
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    you do know there's no drinking on the job right moop?
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    Please bump up the prize to total $500. I will pitch in the rest!! Lets have a wonderful Summer Tourney!!
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    Even though you're the last one alive and baiting, I find it very amusing. It makes the server laugh and energetic when that shit happens and it makes you that kind of special person. No one else in the server does it as much or as good as you and it makes us even more suspicious when you're the only one left alive.
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    For what it's worth , I think you are a beautiful young man inside and out.
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    nobody want a REJECT, they dont even want to play in the tourney since 2011.
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    I know das always raging but he did some nice clean shots. Proud of you man even though you hate my server. " Garbage Server, Shitty Server, China Server, Homeless Server" Hint VPP= Very Poor People's Server.
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    Me and spiderpig were talking playing on friday july 28 2017, 9:30pm est
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    Yeah, IDK why there were that many viewers Anyways, 16-14, swiggity swoogity won
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    go TEAM Swiggity!!! btw big penises is a game nickname no homo
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    Let's focus our efforts on trying to get Jim & Du Ma locked and loaded on Battlegrounds. Message him everyday saying "Hey! Get battlegrounds." Or if anyone can donate the game to them that would work.
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    Your husband was a beast during the match!!
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    uhhh, I'm on a team I guess??? Wtf spiderpig u just gonna sit in smokes all damn tourney Θ_Θ
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    If I win this $500 we are all going to CICI's pizza!!! on me!!! all you can eat!!
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    MNm / STEAM_1:0:59308447 To join team SWIGGITY SWOOGITY
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    I'm a FREE agent!! I would like to be on a team to help cheer you guys on as a bench warmer but if needed I can put out my P90 and help out. Please pick me!! I'm old and lonely
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    I will sponsor magic and moop's stream for this week. YOu guys will see it in the servers ad http://twitch.tv/mooptv http://www.twitch.tv/magichelmettv
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    holy shit.. i didn't notice this before... 4. Online Skype with Daddy !!!