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    Wtf? You're only 26?? You play like you're 50! Haha I kid.
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    In-game Name: waterfall Steam ID: steam_0:1:90282930 Reason to Appeal: I want to apologize to all the players whom I insulted, I promise that this will not happen again. I admit my guilt that very often I did not follow my own language, but I changed. I promise that I will not dare anyone else to offend, I apologize again. I know its my last chance and I want to prove to you guys that I can change and be mature.If I am to be toxic again, please give me guidance and warn me. Ban Message: Permanent Ban (Toxicity) Server: Very Poor People | Dallas| Comp| 128 Tick |ClanVPP.com ( steam_0:1:90282930 steam_0:1:90282930 steam_0:1:90282930
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    I was trying to use a frag grenade, and ended up throwing every grenade i had tryin to get frag out lol. Guy was confused as fuck. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/186461278
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    http://steamcommunity.com/id/slynkerr/ looks like y'all were right. He's VAC banned.
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    Back off my man! I will cut you
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    congrats bud you made it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Cope I have text-proof And for real...I was trying to highlight Boston for the cs majors in January T_T
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    @Du Ma @shoottomaim You nerds believe whatever you want to believe.
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    Thanks for the posting a professional and well mannered appeal. We will discuss this internally with our admins.
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    Moop has really nice eyelashes, wow 10/10, +1 from me He's super super nice and does his admin duties very well.
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    Moop for VPP member... FUCK NO. (-1)^2 Vouch from me. For people not good at math, that's + 1 Vouch !!!
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    +1 I put my trust and respect in Moop. And wow... Moop is really hot, holy shit.
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    Screen Name – Mrs. Moop Real Name (Last name not required): Jackie Location (City, State, Country): Oklahoma City Previous Clans (if applicable) NA Playing CS since: 2013 Preferred Weapon: SG 553 Preferred Map: Cache Why would you want to become a VPP member? The community of players on VPP is amazing; each person is helpful and is willing to help/tolerate my mad skills (or lack thereof). I would like the opportunity to become a more active participant as VPP continues to grow.
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    LOL that is too funny! and thank you and it is ok to tell me no; Moop does all the time..
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    Plus one from me, if it still counts hehe since it looks like you've been accepted.
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    DAMN!!!! +1 just for the cleavage LOL. Can't say no to moops wifey.
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    Got my vote girly girl!! lets get more vpp into this thread
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    Well Dihydrogen I'm just sick of the fact that you hadn't learned anything from the last time you got banned. You come back for a week and you're still doing the trolling, spending whole rounds typing, spending all day trying to taze, being toxic towards people, start right off the bat with accusing Duma, not even using correct format for a ban appeal. We've cleaned up a lot of trolls off the server and I'm not unbanning you. Feel free to remake your appeal just like all the other perm banned trolls that didn't learn anything. Maybe you'll do something correctly for once in your life and use the correct format that we request when people do ban appeals. Somebody lock this thread please because there's no longer any need for discussion on this topic.