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  1. Interesting idea. I'll support whatever you wanna do, you seem to have a lot of servers so trying it out in one shouldn't hurt. You could divert casuals to other servers too.
  2. Hmmm i feel an ulterior motive... you get a cut don't you....
  3. You know what they say about old men! They give great head because they have no teeth
  4. Welcome to the clan bud. You were doing good when i played with you today, good to see.
  5. 3asyshot

    MeowMix app.

    [quote="MeowMix":23orhjh3][b:23orhjh3]Screen Name: [/b:23orhjh3]MeowMix / MeowMix-music- [b:23orhjh3]Real Name: [/b:23orhjh3] Jea/Jom [b:23orhjh3]Age: [/b:23orhjh3] Old [b:23orhjh3]Location: [/b:23orhjh3] New Jersey / Daeejon, S. Korea [b:23orhjh3]Previous Clans (if applicable):[/b:23orhjh3] none [b:23orhjh3]Playing CS since:[/b:23orhjh3] Counter-Strike Online [b:23orhjh3]Preferred Map: [/b:23orhjh3]Office [b:23orhjh3]Additionally, please tell us why you should be a member of the VPP community. [/b:23orhjh3] It my favorite server to play in and I play in the server a lot, I know ho
  6. Nocean!!1 yes i approve of this guy, good peoples. Out of anyone ive played with in the pub i'd want nocean in the clan hands down.
  7. If you get some literature or watch videos it's really simple to build a PC yourself. That way it's easier to scimp on things you won't need and invest more into what needs it plus it's a good skill to have.Youtube has a ton of videos. Newegg is what i've used every time i build a pc. It doesn't always have the best prices but it does have competitive prices when it's not. If you really don't want to though than idk :s i haven't looked at pre-made computer prices before. What you can do is look up all the parts and see how much of a price difference there would be to ordering all the parts and
  8. Yes to all of those map suggestions......i need to try crackhouse..
  9. Heyyyy i asked for the recipe....But ty it looks amazing.
  10. Welcome buddy! And btw on the whole standing while wiping thing, that's fucking disgusting you all need help.
  11. Awesomeness. Although i hope we don't get to a point of having TOO many people in the server. :S That would be best case scenario though i guess.
  12. [quote="RiBBiT":1vwfrc4z]That's also 30 bucks.. if you weren't trying to spend more than 25 then do something like: 1st: $20 2nd: $5 3rd: Reserve slot[/quote:1vwfrc4z] I like this idea too.
  13. I like the idea of multiple people getting rewards even if they aren't big.
  14. Welcome! Add me and hit me up whenever if you haven't already!
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