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  1. sokol

    Blade and Soul [Mushin]

    I might try it out.
  2. sokol

    Slot Reservation Drops

    Whats going on with all these slot reservations kicks, I can't even play on the server anymore. Is there a way to have the slot reservation not go off of the highest ping, because my ping is higher since I'm playing from the east coast.
  3. sokol

    [UNBANNED] Banned from dallas server

    [quote="cLamp":2vmj4xxk]Hey! I know i'm not an admin on VPP, and this thread is probably none of my business. However, I have seen Caramel (AriA) play on VPP for a couple of months now, and I can say that she did not use, during this period, any cheats/hacks. Now, I don't know about this situation, because I haven't seen any demos. But, I suggest the admins that are on the case to look for any pre-firing, and set aside the "you stared at the wall" (Looking at enemies through walls/boxes). That's not a way to tell if someone is hacking, because even myself, if I wanted to, I could do it. Especially if someone is not walking, it's something I do often. When you have good sound, you can literally track people even if they are above you. So that was just a quick word of advice. I hope the situation can be resolved as equally and fairly as possible. Best regards, cLamp.[/quote:2vmj4xxk] You must be blind if you think she doesn't hack. Her playstyle is that of silver ranked player in MM, yet she pulls 3.0 k/D ratios with 30 to 40 kills on each map. I would love to play with her on ESEA client and see how well she plays.
  4. sokol

    [UNBANNED] Banned from dallas server

    I'm surprised Caramel got unbanned, this kid is so blatant that its not even funny. I just finished playing with him on VPP Dallas and he literally left the server after probably trying to play without hacks but failing miserably, then came back to the server with his hacks and starting playing like a pro. I'm surprised you guys think this kid is legit. He only has 250 hours and drops 40's and 50's on every map while having terrible crosshair placement (looking at the ground) and scanning people through walls but making it subtle. On top of that she doesn't even play ESEA or CEVO which have an anti-cheat (apparently her hack can't bypass those clients). W/E sooner or later he will get VAC banned, its just a matter of time.
  5. sokol

    EAC for Servers

    Been playing on VPP server for quite some time now and have noticed more hackers playing on both servers (Dallas and Chi). When looking up their profiles, most of them have low hours, new accounts, and play better than most Invite players. I've also noticed alleged hackers getting their bans lifted due to not having enough evidence. What's the point in having admins then? If the hacker just gets unbanned the next day. Since the VPP community is growing each day, the amount of hackers will grow as well, and we need to do something about it. The amount of admins that we have is not enough and on top of that, some of them are incompetent to do their job properly. I suggest you guys take a look into adding EAC (EasyAntiCheat) onto the servers to get rid of these pesky hackers from the servers we so dearly love playing on. The anticheat can be found here: [url:3qengxv8]http://www.easyanticheat.net/[/url:3qengxv8]