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  1. friday? maybe around 8 PST if you can?
  2. Can you guys do a later time tomorrow? maybe push back 2 hours or 1 atleast ? thanks
  3. Original Match Date/Time: Feb 15, 9pm est My team: Lucid Ladies Reborn Request for opponents team: Biscuits New proposed time: Feb 18th (Saturday) 7 pm PST Reason: Need more players available
  4. Can you do a later time tonight? wednesdays tough
  5. no one on my team can make that, sorry /:
  6. Team Name: Lucid Ladies Reborn Team Leader Name: contr0L 1. contr0L - STEAM_0:0:32307624 2. Mystery - STEAM_0:1:53329537 3. DulteX - STEAM_0:1:42156997 4. juju - STEAM_0:0:1546776 5. -relyt - STEAM_0:0:50056788
  7. contr0L

    [ACCEPTED] contr0L

    -NickName: contr0L -Age: 20. Steam ID: 76561198024880976 -How long (average) have you been playing Counter-Strike games? - 2 months ? -Which server do you play on the most? -Cali VPP. -Ever had an admin function before? Nope. -Why do you think you deserve admin? Was recommended by whosurdaddy. -When will you be active (the most)? Friday - Tuesday. - How will you draw people in our server? Recommended server to friends. I, contr0L, agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin, I will accept the consequences.
  8. contr0L

    What are you currently listening to?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDQENJh ... -Q&index=6
  9. contr0L

    How much are you worth on steam!!!!

    I'm worth $3659
  10. contr0L

    Picture's of OUR Cars/Dailys/Whips !

    I havent had money to do anything yet but i still love her https://imgur.com/a/cQBjv
  11. contr0L

    Need a New Headset Any Good Deals?

    Check out the Logitech G430 -contr0L