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      Hello! I'm sure most of you don't recall me, but that's fine. I'm not so active, especially now, when I super busy. I'm VPP's developer. I'm maintaining any backend jobs on the CVPP site, ad well am fixing issues Toan reports to me that needs to be fixed. For last few months, I've been working under CS:GO Skin site, about which you most likely knew nothing until now. We also been beta testing it for the past month or so, and I believe it's the time to let you guys try it by yourself. But before I do so, I'd like to tell you a bit about the project; At first, it supposed to be match betting site, with advanced pricing system, to escape from CSGOLounge's problem. Some of you might noticed, their pricing system wasn't always fair. That's because they were not putting any effort to get prices updated, they were updating them once new cases came out. BUT. Gambling with STEAM API got disallowed, and because I had such great base for CS:GO skin site, I thought I shouldn't dump the project. And that's how currentSkinLobby's idea turned into an actual project. SkinLobby is a marketplace platform built around the CS:GO trading community. On the backend, it's running bots finding safe price* for each item individually. Before I let you use it, please continue reading: SkinLobby is still in beta stage. It's missing a lot of features that will be implemented, and you might experience some bugs while using the site, therefore please don't panic, and I'd really appreciate if you would inform me about bugs you find. Either via STEAM, or under this post. (if that's security issue, please inform me in private).  Currently known bugs and problems are: Pricing system doesn't fetch all the items - temporary disabled.   Caution! You're going to experience some front-end ugliness. As I'm a backend developer, and my graphic designer had just little, I was forced to design the site by myself. The template will change, and is on my todo list!  Links: SkinLobby STEAM Group STEAM Bots ME   PS anyone is welcome to add me on STEAM and talk to me about the project. Wether you wanna share with some ideas, you wanna be part of the project or to just say hi - I won't bite you!   Best Regards, Patryk Cieszkowski
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      Dates: Feb 15 - April 15 Requirements - Own a reserved slot (Donator) Top points in Dallas 30man Pub 1st place:     AWP | Lightning Strike | Factory New (~$60)  2nd place:   AK Stattrak Blue Laminated | Field Tested (~$12) 3rd place:    Souvenier P250 | Gunsmoke | from Cologne 2015 (Team EnVyus stickers,KioShima sticker) (~$5)
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Everything posted by FriendlyMushroom

  1. I love the addition of Office to the map pool. Maybe de_nuke can be replaced with cs_italy, otherwise I think the new rotation is perfect. As for Office being too clumped for the T's, I've never had a problem when playing CS Source 24vs24 on office, so I don't see why 15 vs 15 would be a problem in GO.
  2. I've played a lot of maps yesterday on the Dallas 30-Man server, and quite a lot of them were so unbalanced that it became a frag-hunt for the winning team. I am seeing a lot of praise for the new plugin, but I don't ever recall playing in so many unbalanced games since the update. This is something I've been observing for quite a while, and it was only yesterday when I decided to take screenshots of some of the scores. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=872913142 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=872912515 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=872912629 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=872912893
  3. acknowledged

    All people on the server have slot res.
  4. it hasn't been 24 hours, if das didn't accept
  5. Jim Lahey + Eastern Dandy + Bird = the vpp trinity
  6. I'm leaving TCSM
  7. [deleted]
  8. Do you have your GPU enabled? You might be running on integrated graphics without knowing it.
  9. Doge Viper. Good one.
  10. Remove the Dr. Valencia skin, as it easily camouflages in some maps and the model is way too skinny to accurately represent hitboxes. In fact, I believe there should be a HP penalty for even using skins. (Maybe limit HP to 75 when using a skin) I think it's obvious that the people who constantly use player skins use it to gain an advantage, not for "fun". -Forwarded to developer for query Would like to be able to use the !sm <playername> command. (Self-mute) Considering the amount of players in the server, I would like a way to mute players who can't keep their mouths shut and aren't good enough to appear on the scoreboard. -Added to Action Plan
  11. Joining TCSM as sub Name: Gondolf STEAM_0:0:80586034
  12. IIRC, Battlefield 1 is the first game in the franchise to not have community server support.
  13. There are trade servers where you can pick up other people's knives and skins.
  14. You won't see HEHE. He's always hidden at the bottom of the scoreboard.
  15. happy late birthday!
  16. Saw someone go 0-19 before he finally disconnected.
  17. The Dallas server does have stats. Here is the link: http://clanvpp.gameme.com/csgo
  18. I usually get shot in the back or fall victim to those terrible spawn protections, making 60-2 pretty impossible to me
  19. denied

    Nickname: Gondolf STEAM_0:0:80586034 Age: 20 Playing CS since: CS 1.6 was my first FPS. I've been playing CS:GO since January 2014, and VPP was one of the first community servers I have played in. Which server do you play on the most?: Dallas 28-Man Ever had an admin function before?: No Why do you think you deserve admin?: I understand that being an admin carries important responsibilities and I would use it for the benefit of the server and community, not myself. When will you be active (the most)?: Mostly during the night, most days of the week How will you draw people in our server?: I will maintain a competitive and friendly environment that is clean of griefers and cheaters, so that people new to the server can easily find reasons to come back. I, FriendlyMushroom, agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin, I will accept the consequences
  20. The map that wins the vote =/= actual next map. Apparently having a majority vote for dust2 will take you to nuke instead. I think it is pretty self explanatory as to how this can easily clear the server.
  21. Not sure how the scramble voting system will be "abused". Even if the requirement to scramble was a "yes" vote of 60%, this will never pass. Some players on the losing team will be too lazy to vote and players on the winning team will always vote "no". The 80% requirement makes me question why this voting system was implemented in the first place. It's better to just remove the system completely so that players can just play the game rather than seeing the vote pop up every other round.
  22. banned

    I don't know if there is a specific code that admins use in terms of punishment, but I personally think the ban should last 2 weeks, rather than permanent. 1 week for the teamstacking and 1 week for disrespecting admins. It gives them time to rethink their actions and more importantly a second chance. Of course any further violations of the rules can always lead to a longer ban in the future.
  23. I'm looking forward to the retake server.
  24. Where will this ad be played? The ad is a bit long.
  25. highest ping gets kicked. Also, at certain times of the day, the majority of the players on the server are donators.