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  1. Weird, it still shows up in my favorites, but the name was recently changed, maybe that's the problem?
  2. I love all of these changes, but the server has been dead all week. I did a vote in Dallas to see if it was because of FF or choke issues, and most people voted that they don't play in Cali because it's empty all the time, not because they don't like FF or are getting bad performance. Which is a total catch-22. So I'm not sure what to do about that, because I understand it-- it's no fun to sit around in a dead server shooting bots until it hopefully fills up. Just sucks because I can't really play Dallas as my performance in that server really suffers.
  3. YES!!! IMO a successful team balancer will behave like this: -Once warmup finishes, sort players according to rank, e.g. top ranked player currently in the server goes to T, second from top goes to CT, third from top goes to T, etc. -Prohibit team switching in first 3 rounds (until after the first gun round) -Prohibit team switching if it would cause the teams to become unbalanced, e.g. it's 11v11 and a T wants to join CT, he would have to wait in spec until someone takes his place on T. -When new players join an in-progress match: auto assign to the team with less players first, and if both teams have equal players, assign newly joined players to whichever side is currently losing. -Autobalance when there is a player deficit on one team for 2 or more rounds. This should mean swapping whoever joined the match most recently, so as to not piss off anyone who has settled into playing on one team. The only downside I can think of is that friends will be unable to consistently play on the same team, which might turn them off from playing on the server. Not sure what to do about this, but I think it's a small price to pay to have consistently competitive/fair matches.
  4. Was Overpass added to the rotation? I'm sad to report that it killed the server last night. Changed it to Inferno after there were only about 12 of us left, which slowly refilled it. But a lot of people were saying stuff like "I never play Overpass, I don't know it" which is a shame because if they'd just play it a couple times and learn it instead of jumping ship, then they'd appreciate it. It's a fun map, especially for 24+.
  5. I've gotten into the habit of putting up a map vote in the last round of a match to make sure a majority of the current players will keep playing into the next match. I always put the next map in the rotation as option 1, and then make options 2 & 3 maps that haven't been played recently, one usually being a standard server-filler (such as Mirage or Inferno) and another being a less common option. So far, Overpass and Cobblestone have each won map votes and retained/filled the server on map change, so I am hopeful about the community's opinion of them, but sample size is small so I'll continue putting up votes to see how people are feeling. They may have been picked for novelty, however both Overpass and Cobble kept the server full for the entire map duration so that's a good sign IMO.
  6. Has VPP tried out these two maps on the large competitive pubs yet? I like Overpass, and Valve has really improved Cobblestone, but I'm not sure how they would play out with 24+ people. I think they could make good additions, as they are part of the professional circuit in most leagues and tournaments.
  7. -[b:3gacpnng]NickName[/b:3gacpnng]: boots -[b:3gacpnng]Age[/b:3gacpnng]: 23 -[b:3gacpnng]Steam ID[/b:3gacpnng]: STEAM_0:0:11720664 -[b:3gacpnng]How long (average) have you been playing Counter-Strike games?[/b:3gacpnng] 12 years -[b:3gacpnng]Which server do you play on the most?[/b:3gacpnng] Solely the California server -[b:3gacpnng]Ever had an admin function before?[/b:3gacpnng] Admin'd my own surk_ski_2 server back in the heyday of 1.6 -[b:3gacpnng]Why do you think you deserve admin?[/b:3gacpnng] I play on the server frequently, hate griefers/trolls/cheaters, and genuinely like the community and want to help better it. -[b:3gacpnng]When will you be active (the most)?[/b:3gacpnng] After work and on weekends. -[b:3gacpnng]How will you draw people in our server?[/b:3gacpnng] By keeping the server clean, the teams fair, the maps interesting, and the environment fun I, boots, agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin, I will accept the consequences.
  8. [quote="whosurdaddy972":368lz4g1]new cali rotation now de_dust2 de_mirage de_train de_dust2_night de_inferno de_cache de_dust2 de_nuke de_season[/quote:368lz4g1] Sweet! Although perhaps 3 dust2's is a little much :p
  9. boots

    Path of Exile

    I recommend giving it another spin in the coming weeks, they've improved/added a lot of things, including 1-month Leagues that reset after 4 weeks (next reset should be Monday) and provide cool gear prizes if you complete certain challenges during their length. GGG also claims to have fixed the desync issue that has plagued the game since release, where your character or monsters "lag" and then warp around, which is HUGE news if true.
  10. [quote="FriendlyMushroom":336na748][quote="boots":336na748]Didn't CaliforniaCS have an autopick/balance plugin? I seem to recall it working pretty well. Does anyone know where they got it?[/quote:336na748] Yes they did, but CaliforniaCS servers discontinued a long time ago due to lack of donations and the fact the owner himself quit CS.[/quote:336na748] Someone should get in contact with Renegade/whoever did their plugin stuff to see what they used
  11. boots

    Path of Exile

    Any of yous guys play POE? It's the spiritual successor to Diablo 2, made by a lot of the same people who left Blizzard North to form Grinding Gear Games iirc. Much better than Diablo 3 as an ARPG in my opinion, and the developers are some of the best in the business. I play the Hardcore leagues exclusively because it makes the game so much more exciting, and because the devs are always running new leagues that reset the economy anyway. Next reset should be in a week or two, and Act 4 should be coming out soon as it's going into beta next week! hype
  12. +1 the new season is AWESOME, I miss it dearly nuke is meh for large pubs, but I agree that it should be added back to the rotation simply for the sake of variety
  13. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... t=piranesi This map is a classic, great for large pubs, very fun because of how vertical the layout is. Would love to see it added to Cali's rotation. related: what is the current rotation for cali #1? I can't find it listed anywhere
  14. Didn't CaliforniaCS have an autopick/balance plugin? I seem to recall it working pretty well. Does anyone know where they got it?
  15. Hi Clan VPP, Jumping into mystery's thread to say, while I have no problem with how the knife shop is currently configured in Cali #1, I don't really like the idea of a skins shop, because it devalues skins that players acquire legitimately (through steam rather than via plugin) which makes playing on the server less attractive for people with such skins, and I hope that you don't have any plans to enable a skin shop on Cali #1. /2c
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