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  1. i accept the offer to reschedule match to 7:30 pm central 7-31-2016
  2. ugh team respek would it be cool to reschedule the game for monday june 18th at 10pm est
  3. aye team leader or anyone on team respek mind if we can reschedule for this monday same time?
  4. ok quick question do we only get the option to reschedule for friday? because my guys dont play friday or saturday due to family/personal affairs. Or can we schedule with opposing team for different day?
  5. Ok i need to add SA STEAM_0:0:16680331 to my roster and can i get a check on percy he said hes been playing but from what i heard doesnt sound like it.
  6. ok cool, will try to get on that them.
  7. cuz they've played in the servers before just not as much now
  8. soo does that mean they can be active again in server put in some time and play the tourney or nah?
  9. im 100% gonna be carried.....
  10. Team Trust making a COMEBACK?!?! Couldnt play the xmas tourney was out of country for like a month, excited and hungry for some games. Team Name: TeamTrust Team Leader Name: Mystery 1. (Mystery/ STEAM_0:1:53329537 ) 2. (Contr0l/ STEAM_0:0:32307624 ) 3. (Dultex/ STEAM_0:1:42156997 ) 4. (Southpaw/ STEAM_0:1:14158486 ) 5. (Percy/ STEAM_0:0:15423518 ) 6. (Lucid/ ) ( STEAM_0:1:21958265 ) 7. (Player name/ Steam ID) (Optional Sub) Questions/Concerns:
  11. mystery


    GG WP to all teams!! ^.^ I just finished watching all the vods for the matches and I would like to give a kudos to MagicHelmet and adminPolice for casting the matches there were some bumpy steps but still made it through . It isnt easy I know. Then a big thank you and shout out to the VPP Community for making this whole thing possible on such a short time crunch. I look forward to watching the Xmas tourney due to VACation. I will not be participating but most likely contr0l will craft up a team. PS. From the vods everyone in TeamTrust only met eachother somehow through the VPP servers that now pug together and the three of us, as in control, lucid, and I have only been playing cs go since last year and somewhat is our first competetive PC FPS game. Looking forward to future games or tourneys GL HF.
  12. mystery


    ok thank you very much ^^
  13. mystery


    ohh ok so we can agree and times before hand, ok cool thanks
  14. mystery


    Team Name: Team Trust Team Leader Name: Mystery Player Roster: 1. (Mystery/ STEAM_0:1:53329537) 2. (Contr0l/ STEAM_0:0:32307624) 3. (Lucid/ STEAM_0:1:21958265) 4. (Grumpix/ STEAM_0:1:4351348) 5. (J / STEAM_0:1:99024218) 6. (Percy/ STEAM_0:0:15423518) Willing to do Buy In? Yes Questions/Concerns: Only question is the time of these matches like are they mostly going to be late central time or PST.
  15. mystery

    bring back some maps

    yay more maps more variety D