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  1. FNG

    Dallas Server

    Hey would it be possible to keep the server on Dust 2 during non prime hours? Many times the server gets going but then it switches to something else and bam, it dies. This doesn't happen during prime hours that much unless it switches to train. I am not saying to have the dust 2 match last 80 rounds, it can still be the normal 16 to win, but when it changes, it stays on Dust 2.
  2. FNG

    Getting kicked

    Here you go. FNG STEAM_1:0:40648100
  3. FNG

    Getting kicked

    Hey, started my donations yesterday but I am still getting dropped for a slot reservation.
  4. FNG

    Slot Reservation

    Thanks Gentlemen, I appreciate it.
  5. FNG

    Slot Reservation

    Hi Liam, Ive been donzting for about 5 or 6 months now, with my last payment being sent on the 6th.
  6. FNG

    Slot Reservation

    Hey, is there a problem with my donation. It keeps dropping me for a slot reservation.
  7. FNG

    Server Skins

    Thanks Daddy.
  8. FNG

    Server Skins

    I know you said Dallas was meant to be a fun server but that place gets very competitive. Would it be possible to take a vote for Dallas as well. I live in SC so Dallas has the best ping for me.
  9. FNG

    Server Skins

    I agree with Para, the skins are not cool. Often times it is extremely hard to see the person because they blend in so well. In my opinion it does give the wearer and unfair advantage. I do donate but still don't like them.
  10. FNG

    [BANNED] Obvious Admin Abuse

    Not sure if I am allowed to post in here or not please forgive me if I am not. I wanted to point out that, for me, Deflatriot is one of the more fun people to play with on yall's servers. Yes, at times he talks too much, and I occasionally have to mute him (usually when I am on a team with him and Kevin, then they both get muted) but all in all, he is probably one of the nicer "skilled" players to play with and against. There are many dickheads that frequent this community and I am not sure how adminpolice and the other admins have shown the restraint they have, but Deflatriots is not one of them
  11. The problem with the current scramble is it just reverses the stack.