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  1. VPP Logo Contest!!!

    Updated my post
  2. VPP Logo Contest!!!

    How about something like this? [img:grbvjgd0]http://i.imgur.com/PImQGWx.png[/img:grbvjgd0]
  3. UK | de_season

    Haven't seen de_season on the UK server, would be cool if y'all could add it to the rotation, thanks!
  4. 9-5 Says Hello

    I'm 9-5 or better known as Nofsy, decided to use the alias "9-5" to spice things up but my real alias will always be Nofsy. Nobody probably cares but I thought I'd throw it out there anyways. Not so long ago started playing CS:GO (Currently 477h in) and I love it, Even though i'm pretty bad which is totally my mouse's fault, getting a better one soon though, Currently Gold Nova 3. I've been playing on the UK server for quite some time now, at least two months or something not sure, but that's my go-to server when i'm not playing mm Oh and i'm from Belgium, EU So yeah. Hello.
  5. I was going to say yes but after reading Frank Ocean's suggestion, I feel like we should roll with that. 200 Cap is pretty useless since once you get to that point, you won't run out of credits (unless you buy multiple knifes every game). Raising the cap and adding additional rewards for higher credits is a good suggestion they should consider. I like the credit system but it's pointless with the 200 cap
  6. January Contest on All Servers!!!!!!

    I was ranked #15th just a minute ago Kind of #14th though now