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  1. Azianwood

    Did this during my stream today.

    Not sure if you juked them.. or they can't count up to 3 seconds in their head.. either way hilarious
  2. Azianwood

    $20,000 USD CS:GO Knife

    How many webs is that? 5?? So whoever buys this, is paying 4000 dollars per web. He better fucking love spider webs, and pixels.
  3. Azianwood


    It's only because you play well for a new player, most new players really make me wanna cry
  4. Azianwood

    Hello VPP

    I've tried, she's more on the league side, and recently she's been pretty busy with her clinicals.. I hardly see her bro.
  5. Azianwood


    Hey man, looking forward to seeing you in game - I'll be watching you, if you keep aiming at the ground I will scream at you :O!!! Welcome !!
  6. Azianwood

    Hello VPP

    That's my girlfriend .. oh god a waitress asked us if we were siblings awhile ago, this is happening too often. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  7. Azianwood

    The Forest!

    Yes sir, coop is still unpolished, but playable. Someone on stream recently said you can play up to 8 ppl in coop - not sure if that's true. Feel free to add me up and we can brave the woods together.
  8. Azianwood


    Welcome Racoon, stay out of my garbage!
  9. Azianwood

    The Story of VPP= Very Poor People

    You're brother has a great name.
  10. Azianwood


    I'll gladly explain my Vac ban from 7+ years ago, otherwise I'm done talking with you.
  11. Azianwood


    Umm.. I never made fun of Mexicans. The two people that consistently do that on the server are Kubassa and Puzzleplz, my only comment to them was they sucked at sounding legit. The only thing I make fun of is myself with an Asian accent.
  12. Azianwood


    UCLA, I was with you in the inferno game where on several different rounds you flashed / smoked T spawn exit as well as stood there temporarily to block the entire team when we were trying to rush. You are just a giant troll, I wouldn't trust you to be responsible what so ever as an admin.
  13. Azianwood

    Sup guys.

    Hi :O!
  14. Azianwood

    [ACCEPTED] Asianwood

    No problem, and that is me indeed!
  15. Azianwood

    [ACCEPTED] Asianwood

    I will not disappoint you, sensei. So this is why you never play with me, you're too busy being a third wheel :/.