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  1. [Apply for Admin] Ubersuntzu

  2. [Apply for Admin] Ubersuntzu

    Cool, cool. It's done.
  3. s2m highlights

    Lol yeah, it's not 1 v 11 if you're ninja defusing. But Doge is right, you're one of our server spirit animals up there with fart.
  4. [Apply for Admin] Ubersuntzu

    Awesome, thanks.
  5. [Apply for Admin] Ubersuntzu

    NickName: Ubersuntzu Age: 32 Steam ID: 76561197982610754 How long (average) have you been playing Counter-Strike games? Since the standalone boxed version of the original Half-life mod Do hold any Moderator/Administrator position or similar role within any other Gaming Community? No Which server do you play on the most? Dallas Ever had an admin function before? No Why do you think you deserve admin? Usually no admins on early when the server is getting warmed up When will you be active (the most)? 4-12pm Mountain Time How will you draw people in our server? Art Nouveau
  6. Replace Train w/ Season

    Train has proven to be really unpopular, killing the server during peak hours at 8 pm mountain. Also cobble is relatively unpopular, but not as much. It's the most likely to kill it an hour or so earlier than usual. I would replace it with Inferno. A few people really don't like new Inferno on T side but people who left would always quickly be replaced and the server would remain populated until the late hours when it always dies.
  7. unbanned Vintovka ban apeal

  8. Cali Pub #2 with Custom skins!! LIVEEE

    Can't wait until more people figure out it exists and start logging on. >_>

    2868 continuous hours 119 days,12 hours,5 minutes It says I could travel to Venus in that time.
  10. Hello

    [quote="Azianwood":2qdphlpy][color=#000000:2qdphlpy]Hey man, looking forward to seeing you in game - I'll be watching you, if you keep aiming at the ground I will scream at you :O!!! Welcome !![/color:2qdphlpy][/quote:2qdphlpy] You're way too chill for that. I don't think I've ever heard you rage on anyone.
  11. Deathmatch Server Team Kills

    Yeah, but the stats system treats kills of the same "team" the same way it would during a regular match. 1 kill of the opposing team is worth 1 point but killing a member of the same team is worth -50.

    Cali just went down but I assume that's known since the steam group just put up an announcement about it.
  13. Deathmatch Server Team Kills

    Team Kills add to the kill count, so everybody is shooting everybody. Unfortunately it also removes points from your ranking so the ranking system ends up seeming random and meaningless. I'm assuming the points system being used was made for classic CS and not deathmatch. I'd suggest either removing team damage or change the points system so it doesn't penalize for team killing in a free for all deathmatch.
  14. Help Filling Up the Cali Server!!

    It doesn't need any help filling up any more, that's for sure. Most of the time I have to sit there clicking to re-try the connection until somebody leaves. My only suggestion would be to convert the DM server to a second Cali server. >_>
  15. How fast can you type?

    Don't really feel like taking the test again but it's always around 60.