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  1. Easty has played in many of the VPP sponsored tournaments and plays 10 mans often on the VPP servers. Welcome Veronica and it was good playing some 10 mans with you last night. Don't let Face try to steal any of Easty's credit
  2. accepted

    hell yeah bird is the word
  3. I sent you a friends request. It will be ynot 1328hrs on CSGO. Just in case somehow you got multiple friends requests or something
  4. Ultimately anything above LEM should have the same funimentals of the game. Will come down to strats and who is hitting shots. We can always try a few games and if they are blow outs then change some people around. Or even mix up the teams with some of your guys and some of ours. All of ours are 10 man PUG style. And not many scrims unless it's for league teams and now with the season over its just been PUGs. I will add you on Wednesday/Thursday when I get out of work and we can talk about it in steam chat. The name that will add you is ynot
  5. The 16th won't work for me at all. Maybe some of the other guys will be down. But when I get home from work Wednesday I will add you to talk to you about some scrims. I would say put together the best squad you have as most the guys that play in ours nightly are LEM-Globe. If needed I'm sure I can get a lower ranked team together and watch them battle it out Tony
  6. This is not the first time that you and Jon as you refer to him as have been caught team stacking. I have moved the both of you numerous times to have you switch back yourself and then do it all over again. You guys constantly want to talk down upon admins and think this is a joke. I hope Toan calls a vote with the admins on what to do with this case as my decision is already made about you.
  7. did you include your steam ID with dontation?
  8. welcome to the forums. i have seen you around dallas many times before
  9. im also pretty sure he is charging back to do a VACation he received. HALL OF SHAME FTW!
  10. just got one this morning
  11. im going to guess he is talking about dallas... and if that is the case why would people still donate to the server to keep it up and running in good shape if they wont be able to log into with with a reserve slot? that will get less people to donate and in turn kill the server since it cost money to operate and keep going. just my 0.02 as im not the owner of the server. but personally i disagree with any type of limitation to people that donate to have reserve slots.
  12. [quote="granola":2h71zphv]GG to the B̶o̶o̶t̶y̶B̶u̶t̶t̶B̶o̶i̶s̶ Team RichAF. May or may not be pooting for you.[/quote:2h71zphv] <3
  13. the rematch of all rematch's will be hopefully going down tomorrow night. When team RICHASF$^% play P90 DEMI GODS who are hungry for revenge (so ive heard) Hopefully around 830 eastern but will post more when Toan talks to his team.
  14. GG's to Magic helmets team.. sorry about all the ringers and postpones.. we won 2-0 and will be contacting the next team we are playing to setup a time
  15. We forfeit the match tonight againts Magic helmets team. Unfortunately with our work schedules and personal lives we were unable to make a play time and don't want to keep this tournament dragging on. I thank Toan Desu and everyone else in VPP for making this tournament possible. We had fun as always. Best wishes to those still competing and will be looking forward to the streams and doing some casting hopefully along side magic helmet.