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  1. I'm not worried about it, man. I was just trying to make light of it...I'll be playing on the Cali server tonight, for sure. Cheers.
  2. VPP should host a "Friday Night Fights" where: every friday the server enters a competitive mode where team captains would be selected to pick a 7v7 or 9v9 team to play in a competitive match. I've seen this before on old school servers. They would broadcast the match(fight) and people would tune in. Maybe top fraggers could reap some reward. It'd be nice to brainstorm this idea and come up with an outline for execution.
  3. This is funny because I just donated, lol. I hope you guys getting working soon. GL.
  4. Hi, I'm FENDER. I guess it's long due that I post here and provide my introduction. Well...Hi. I play counterstrike after 5pm on the weekdays and all day on the weekend unless your Mother's in town. I appreciate the community and I'm looking to join a competitive team. I played 1.6 for 10 years, competitively. I've been playing GO now for about 5 months. I've been to CPL and placed first in many WCG finals. I hope to get on that level again. If not, F it...CS is fun. Say Hi to me on the server or I'll feel left out. Say "nice shot fender" when I own a face. I love your mothe
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