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    Whosurdaddy's Birthday

    Happy belated Bday!
  2. dave.h.

    Killing Floor 2

    You already know I'm getting it
  3. True, obviously you don't have a 'ghosthair' when you're in game, but I think it's really helpful for learning the shapes / what it feels like. I've practiced my sprays with the map by using the ghosthair for two or three sprays, then just spraying with show_impacts on and the ghosthair off. Becoming reliant on the ghosthair definitely could be an issue with some users of the map, but I think the map can be quite beneficial as long as you make the conscious effort not to rely on the ghosthair.
  4. Seriously, this map is amazing if you need to work on your spray with any weapon: [url:i8jfx69w]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMURWGg3su8&feature=iv&src_vid=-GNmYVtocQ4&annotation_id=annotation_2510463039[/url:i8jfx69w] [url:i8jfx69w]http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=419404847[/url:i8jfx69w]
  5. dave.h.

    New Server Idea?

    I like the idea
  6. dave.h.

    [ACCEPTED] dave.h.

    -NickName: dave.h. -Age: 22 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:44479753 -How long (average) have you been playing Counter-Strike games?: I started playing CS:GO last summer, having only played a little of CS: Condition Zero a long time ago. Since I started playing CS:GO, I have accumulated about 800 hours of playtime. -Which server do you play on the most?: Canada Competitive -Ever had an admin function before?: No -Why do you think you deserve admin?: Kami/Shami initially recommended that I apply. I spend a lot of time playing on the Canada server, and I truly care about the server's well-being. There are so many occurrences on the server when we need an admin to enforce a rule, but no one is around to do so. This deeply frustrates me. If I were to become an admin, I know I would justly enforce server rules and promote a positive atmosphere. -When will you be active (the most)?: I am active the most any night from around 7:30 - 11:45pm, although sometimes I will be on as late as 2:00am. - How will you draw people in our server? : I will do my best to keep teams balanced. I will also promote a fun, positive atmosphere by confronting toxic players appropriately and calling for votes to change maps if the players desire it. I, dave.h., agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin, I will accept the consequences.
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    [quote="Kodakgee":27dbdk0b][quote="dave.h.":27dbdk0b]This looks like it could be pretty odd but fun. I'd definitely be down to try it![/quote:27dbdk0b] Would u like to try this more or de_zoo?[/quote:27dbdk0b] I'd like to try this over zoo, but I'd still like to try zoo. Both look fun
  8. dave.h.


    This looks pretty cool...I'd like to try it.
  9. dave.h.


    This looks like it could be pretty odd but fun. I'd definitely be down to try it!
  10. dave.h.

    Help out my bar, Pacific Standard

    Gave you a vote! IPA is my favorite type of beer. Good luck!
  11. [quote="whosurdaddy972":3ew8142m]we have admins on canada? Dave you should apply for admin, you get free perks too :>[/quote:3ew8142m] Haha, I was actually planning on applying for Canada admin. I've been trying to get my ten forum posts in.
  12. dave.h.

    ESL One Katowice 2015

    [quote="EMT_Batman":26ayg4gn][quote="soLicitous":26ayg4gn]The real question is... have any of the teams been caught cheating and or fixing matches yet!?[/quote:26ayg4gn] Lol not yet, but I'm still hoping that Fnatic gets caught cheating. I hate them so much.[/quote:26ayg4gn] I have a theory that Fnatic was cheating before the huge initial ban wave that hit KQLY and some others, but I think they've cleaned up their act since then. They can definitely be very unsportsmanlike at times, but nonetheless they are some of the most skilled players out there. I really wanted NiP to win, but Fnatic has been playing at an insane level lately.
  13. [quote="EMT_Batman":hs59m0ys][quote="dave.h.":hs59m0ys]The Canada server definitely has its fair share of one-sided matches too. Maybe add a command in-game like '!scramble' that scrambles the teams if 60% or more of the players vote for it?[/quote:hs59m0ys] It is the responsibility of the administrators, when they are in-game, to scramble or balance out the teams when they deem it to be necessary. A voting command that players can use may be feasible but may rarely work in practice; most players lack the desire or responsibility to switch teams on their own to balance them. If a poll were taken, it is likely that the members of the winning team will simply vote to keep the teams the way they are, ensuring that the teams are never scrambled when necessary.[/quote:hs59m0ys] Good point - I was just putting a suggestion out there. The issue is that I rarely see any administrators on the Canada server take any measures to scramble or balance the teams. 'Team Bruce' is a pretty common occurrence on the Canada server.
  14. The Canada server definitely has its fair share of one-sided matches too. Maybe add a command in-game like '!scramble' that scrambles the teams if 60% or more of the players vote for it?
  15. dave.h.


    Hey guys, I'm sure plenty of you have seen me around on the Canada server and sometimes on the Dallas one, but I haven't been active on the the forums yet. Just figured I'd say "hi" here. See you in game! - dave.h.