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  1. [quote="Liam|Swiftnode":2giq7o84]Hi, The orignial coder made the knives not save. There would no point really if once you got the knife and keep it for the rest of the server there credits would mean nothing. I know it can be a pain choosing the knife over and over again but the thats the point earn to get a match reward. I can see where your coming from it would help keep people playing on our server like 200 for one knife but then it would probably result in complaints "The knife prices are too high" Sorry but it will remain how it is. Thank for your input though it i
  2. Hi everyone, I've started to frequent your servers because there's great atmosphere and my ping is not too bad. Now, I would like to suggest to make the knifes permanent, obviously the price would need to be upped. The reason I think they should be permanent it's because sometimes when I enter a game and the score it's 8-9 or something like that, I don't really feel like using my credits for only half a game. Plus it's a bit tedious to have to buy the knife everygame. Thank you for your time, and nice job on the servers! EDIT: Just saw that I failed posting this on Community suggestions, s
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