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  1. you guys have 5 fucking players matchmaking and not willing to play a match? i dont understand. these scheduling is so fucking retarded....
  2. Is any team willing to play tomorrow monday around 8-9pm esT ?
  3. dAs..

    VPP Face Thread

  4. dAs..

    VPP Lan Party late 2017 or Early 2018.

    i thought you only get permits until youre 18 ..
  5. dAs..

    VPP Face Thread

    can i meet your girlfriend if we come to dallas?
  6. dAs..

    New Map Cycle

    I dont think nuke and office would be a GREAT idea for a 15/16 vs 15/16. Would recommend Cbble and inferno back in rotation.
  7. dAs..

    Hi from Spain.

    This is why we dont get females in server.
  8. only if i get some nudez from control after.
  9. Declined. sorry 2 of us wont be available over the weekend.
  10. dAs..

    The VPP General Store LIVE!!

    is there employee discount ?
  11. LOLOL play of the night... 5v3 with bomb down lol
  12. dam was really hoping to watch a match tonight!
  13. Original Match Date/Time: 1/30/17 @ 2100hours My Team: Biscuit Requests for Opponents Team: Lucid Ladies Reborn New proposed date/time: 1/30/17 @ 2000hours