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    Goodbye after 2+ years.

    LOL really? I mean if you cracking down on people bullshitting in the servers thats cool. And only time I was ever banned in the past was for a script I had that autoexecuted. Anyways take it ez was fun.
  2. Ninja4Evr

    Goodbye after 2+ years.

    So I will be avoiding VPP servers specifically the dallas 28 man. I'm not saying this because I think it will have any impact on VPP you guys will continue to rock on no problem im sure. But I would like to bring to light the reason for my leaving. And its a simple fact that certain people are being given admin status and implementing there own rules. Forinstance. When people who are friends are talking shit to each other and an admin bans one for *being rude*..... I mean correct me if I'm wrong but vpp never had pg13 rules? But anyways I will point to the admin who has been making up rules. It's pew pew or something like that. I know at one point DuMa got after her for doing it as well and she seems to like to single people out. Its a well known fact I talk alota shit. Its all in good fun and at the end of the day its a game. I mostly enjoy the vpp servers because of the friends and the bs we talk to each other while playing. Tonight me and Mazing whos a good buddy of mine were shit talking each other then i received a temp ban for *being rude*.