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  1. dope

    Vote for next map?

    I've done map votes a lot lately on the Cali server when dust2 comes up too much and it has been working fine. Maps like cbble and overpass win sometimes and it never kills the server.
  2. dope

    [ACCEPTED] dope

    Got my 10 posts done.
  3. dope

    Vote for next map?

    How long ago was it that you guys tried this? If it was a couple months ago I don't think that will happen now as the servers have much more people playing them now.
  4. dope

    X-ray should be on during spectate mode.

    There's always gonna be those guys who abuse this and ghost for their friends.
  5. dope

    Cali Pub#2 , Cali 5v5, Dallas 5v5 Coming Soon.

    I disagree that the 5v5 servers wont become popular, i'm sure there's a lot of interest in them. Will you be using the 1:45 round timer and 35 sec bomb timer for them as well?
  6. dope

    Killing Floor 2

    The leveling looks wayyyyyy easier on this 1
  7. dope


    Aight will do
  8. dope

    What will our next VPP csgo model skin?

    I just added it to my favorites, thanks.
  9. dope


    DId this crew ever get made? I been playing a lot of GTA lately and would like to join.
  10. dope

    [ACCEPTED] dope

    -NickName: dope -Age: 22 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:42156997 -How long (average) have you been playing Counter-Strike games? About 4 years. I started playing CS:S very casually and moved over to GO a couple of months after release. -Which server do you play on the most? I play on the California VPP server the most, sometimes the Dallas server if nobody is on. -Ever had an admin function before? No. -Why do you think you deserve admin? I have a lot of respect for how this community is ran and whosurdaddy972 is honestly the coolest server owner I have ever met. This guy literally added me out of the blue and told me he added more maps to the rotation because he saw that I said the Cali server was 24/7 dust 2. That kind of stuff doesn't happen with most server owners. I play a lot here and I want to contribute my time to help this community grow and keeping it hacker/griefer free as well as making sure the server rules aren't being broken. - How will you draw people in our server? Do what I usually do and get my friends to play here. I, dope, agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin, I will accept the consequences.
  11. dope

    Improve video performance in GTA V

    This video [url:1ckirdlm]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8WDPbvYbgg[/url:1ckirdlm] helped me out a lot with figuring out settings for GTA 5 as it shows exactly how each setting looks. I'd also recommend turning off all advanced graphics options as they destroy your FPS.
  12. dope

    What will our next VPP csgo model skin?

    Are skins ever going to make it over to the Cali VPP server?