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  1. Profile Pics: http://imgur.com/z0UIvTq Screen Name: IceTeA Real Name (Last name not required): Jacob Age: 21 Location (City, State, Country): Houston, TX, U.S.A Previous Clans (if applicable): Playing CS since: 2015/04/01 Preferred Weapon: AK-47 Preferred Map: Dust II Why would you want to become a VPP member? The main reason is that me and my friend get kicked a lot when we are playing pub at VPP Server. It starts to become a daily routine to play at VPP Pub server when we are lacking of friends to play competitive with. Also VPP is a very cool community and I really want to be involved in it.
  2. BTW is there still AWP Dragon Lore drop in Cobblestone?
  3. How to get a character in CS:GO?
  4. Have a Dota 2 but never tried...
  5. That helps alot! But I've already got used to manually exec.
  6. With bigger logo maybe i will buy it!!
  7. Razer Tiamat 7.1!! Best!! I bought 2 already. Broke one, and used steelseries for a while, cant get used to that. So i bought a new one.
  8. Getting boring playing dust ii and mirage most of the time. What happen to Overpass or Cobblestone?
  9. jacobcsk


    There was a hacker in Cali Demolition server. The admin was afk that time I think cuz he stayed for like an entire game. Got kicked near the end of it tho.
  10. Pretty much every pro players can play as Snipers and Riflemen.
  11. Hey guys I believe I have met most of you in VPP Deathmatch and Demolition servers. i'm having a good time at this community
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