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    Thanks VPP

    Ha, I sometimes feel I almost have a duty to perform poorly so the team can succeed.
  2. WurdUpHomie

    Thanks VPP

    Hey everyone! Initially started playing in the Dallas server (and joined forums) as WurdUpHomie a while back. Have more recently and currently been playing as MeddleSC. Other than the few rare times I play MM, the only times I care to play CSGO is when I can get into VPP Dallas. I used to love playing CS back in the 1.5 days when I could find a good 32/32 player server and this group has done the best at closely filling the nostalgic void I've been feeling for years. Can't say how many times I've been on the verge of donating, if only my school schedule allowed for more consistent CS play. Thanks for all the hospitality (especially Du Ma)! I definitely appreciate the atmosphere the server provides. MeddleSC