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  1. Oh sorry, the first sentence is towards these fools. Raven is another admin who's also a woman lmao.
  2. Damn, all of you counting Raven out, mfw. Welcome tho Mrs. Z. You'll see me hop on from time to time :>.
  3. Don't be worry about it dude, no need to be so hard on yourself. You always have to keep your priorities straight which is real life > games. If you can't make it, you can't make it :>.
  4. Ohhhh, congrats senor. Putting in them hours :>. Sumbit your timesheet by Thursday night or you're fired. #YellowLivesMatter
  5. Good to have you here bro, always happy to see Insurgency players stop by and say hello :D.
  6. Ima laugh once you get destroyed.
  7. NotMario


    Yo what's up! Glad to have you here bro. The insurgency servers were down for a WHILE because of issues with devs and only recently came back up so little by little some dudes from those servers are coming on the forums here. Most of us that are active on the forums mainly play CS GO but we still love seeing the insurgency servers alive and well off. You can also try applying for admin if you like the servers so much . We're always welcome to admins on our insurgency servers.
  8. Even though the ultimate decision comes down to the admin that was responsible for your ban, I believe you deserve a second chance. We've given second chances to numerous other community members who have had much more negative influences in our community and most of them have realized their mistakes and ceased the problem that they were causing. From what I can recall from my short memory, we haven't had a problem with Shaggy before so giving him a second chance would be great. To you Shaggy, you're a grown ass man dude. You recognized your mistake and apologized for it which a lot of adu
  9. NotMario

    E3 2016

    Did FFXV not pique your interest?!
  10. It's that plugin that I was talking to you about Toan if you're confused.
  11. NotMario


    I hate you. <3
  12. I mean, if it is being abused by the players we can hopefully have our other players report them :>?
  13. Ha, I like that. Glad to have you here :>.
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