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  1. Jello shots. Don't mind if I do. Thanks Mrs. Moop.
  2. I live in SoCal. Which Gen are you referring to? I've been to quite a few here
  3. Hey, I came back after a long hiatus due to the rigor of getting a Masters degree in mathematics. Not incredibly active on the forums but I've been heavily moderating the Insurgency servers as it seems spawn killing has become rampant again. You can see my latest work in Sourcebans. Just a friendly post about me playing Insurgency {almost) every day again. Splitting my free time between that and PUBG. Zane
  4. I'm definitely up for that. Admins usually like to go to NYC to test things anyways.
  5. I agree. Ministry is honestly one of the best maps in my opinion. I would at least like to see it swapped for peak and see if it gets more playtime.
  6. I am in favor of Sweet Wompa's Application. He also has a vouch from Luffy. He's one of the first players I met on VPP and is incredibly fair and his gameplay shows integrity.
  7. -I vote in favor of a 15 point cap.*10 is too low and 15 seems just right. -Explosive multiplier should be halved. If there is a way to entertain changing different explosives I have a breakdown for that as well. -10 points per objective cap and if possible 15 points for a solo cap. -3x Multiplier for knives -2x Multiplier for pistols
  8. -On Uncle Buddha's Application" Uncle Buddha is a great player. I would honestly say he's one of the only players to rival Luffy in skill (which is nice). That being said, that does little to attest to his abilities to perform well as an admin. On that note, I have never seen him break the rules. he is consistent on the server and has considerable tenure. As a result of all of this, I support Mike's application for admin status on all 3 Insurgency Servers.
  9. I'll check out all of the guides and make sure to make you guys proud. I'll always demo before banning and strongly believe in second chances. Thank you for this chance to moderate the server and keep VPP a great place to come and enjoy Insurgency.
  10. Your Name: Zane Age: 23 Steam ID: Linked to profile. Living Legend. Sometimes go by Tobi. Server applying for: LA Insurgency Do you have admin experience? Yes. Quite a lot actually. I used to own and maintain both a Minigames and Reverse Gun Game server on Counter Strike: Source. That can easily be seen on my old account which has 1800 hours played. I also was awarded admin on Ibis Gaming's Insurgency Server before they closed it down last December. How will you draw people to our server? I'm fair and just. I speak vehemently for this server and try
  11. Double posted on accident. Hopefully you guys are still in need of something
  12. Hey, I'm interested in making a VPP logo. I'm also willing to do it for FREE. That's right, FREE. No strings attached. I'm very proficient with Gimp and Photoshop. Just give me a general idea of what you would like to see and I'll throw something together.
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