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    Name: k` or gerk` Steam ID: 0:1:88838 I've been playing on the VPP Dallas server for quite some time and realized I never did an introduction. My name's Kyle and I was introduced to CS back in the beta and 1.1 days where your account was tied to a WON ID. There were mounted turrets on certain maps, fy_iceworld, drivable cars and boats, and you can bhop with no deceleration. Since then, I've been playing on and off through high school and college, I tried other games, but was always drawn back to CS. I am born and raised in LA and if I'm not playing CS, you can find me riding to different locations with the fiancee to try different and interesting foods! It's amazing the community that has been developed and maintained by the VPP team. Just wanted to say thanks to them for all their hard work in keeping this up and running.