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  1. Yeah Boa, i can make an 8 hr drive in under 6 1/2 hrs
  2. I regret coming here....
  3. Mine was 2x with Xbox 360 Clan (KMF), 2x with Xbox One clan(ECG) , and met up with Granola and slept on his couch (Don't ever do this...the things he will do to you)
  4. If the timeframe holds true I'd love to come if i can make it. Would make my 6th time visiting friends i meet online and 2nd time meeting people from VPP.
  5. Gotta agree with face dont switch teams and it's fine right? Kinda the whole point of the plugin. And since it doesn't effect it during peak hours not an demanding issue.
  6. played it a bit with full server and people was loving it... Though a few of us was just fighting to get to the "water slide " first
  7. Oh God, why'd you thank Du Ma, now his head is gonna get even bigger. But was wondering who the hell you were with the forum name, but easily recognized your new one. Glad your with us, i can def understand your feelings, cause i usually only am on to play in Dallas most the time also.
  8. Du Ma, its ma'am, if you want to be polite get it right. and So you're Vera from last night? I understand now
  9. -Don't be assholes? Pretty much asking us not to be VPP What time is it happening? Might be able to stop in for a bit maybe.
  10. Cool, cause aerver has been laggin quite a bit, and I'm getting frame drops randomly. Besides that, alot of people actually like the plugin (besides the few who bitches about everything) So it's been doing well
  11. I plan too, it just wasn't in the budget when i got the tower
  12. I'll never be good enough for you
  13. So after over a year of playing PC on a shitty laptop that couldn't play any other game except CS:GO (And that at only 20-30 fps) I feel like i have finally joined the adult table. (Shout outs to Face, Tony, and Garrett for helping with the build and walking me through stuff)
  14. I'm the duck...cause Bird
  15. Hell yeah Dandy... My position in CS is one i like to call Entry Death...the guys try to tell me that it isn't needed..but i feel that if i'm that good at the position, it's needed.