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  1. Bird


    Hahahaha We're not sure what it is.. But it likes to just stick around so we tolerate it.
  2. Bird


    Welcome and was waiting for Adminpolice to respond
  3. Bird


    we can be friends, only because you called Du Ma by his official name... Scrub
  4. So just completely reformated it, nothing else was working. Works now so yay!?
  5. Have actually already done the first, and just been waiting on that 2nd one. Just seeing if there was any suggestions i haven't tried. Sadly, might have to
  6. Done everything here, said so in first post.
  7. So update. As i said, it's random as fuck. Last night played an MM game, got off CSGO Haven't touched my computer at all since then. Just got home, and launched CSGO and got the "VAC unable to Verify Game Session" So yeah, kinda pissed about this. Especially since i also purchased the new OP too. EDIT: Was able to play for about 45 mins, decided to test it. Closed out of csgo, then started it right back up and now get error again.
  8. Bird

    Hi there

    I can't aim with anything, so we are now best friends. Actually yelled this out loud in this order..then realized what it said.
  9. Literally everyone else
  10. Well the VPP servers are down right now because of the update. But i've been having this on all official servers, can't even MM or Casual when it's happening. But like i said its random. Just played a MM match so, we'll see when it does it again
  11. So for the past few days, I've been randomly getting "VAC unable to Verify Game Session" for ONLY CSGO I say randomly because it was allowing me to play at times, then just not let me play again, and repeat. This started happening all of a sudden. I was on the pub server, jumped off for a few hours for food and TV, tried to get back on and it started. As I've said, it goes away every now and then and i can play again. Then it comes back. What I've done so far. Verify integrity Restarted Computer Ran Steam as Admin Logged off Steam and relogged Reinstall
  12. as long as you text me in the morning we good
  13. Yeah Boa, i can make an 8 hr drive in under 6 1/2 hrs
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