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  1. apham504

    [Apply for Admin] Mrs Moop - Jackie

    yay the better moop is admin too now
  2. apham504


    thanks!! first 10 mins of being admin, i get called a hacker. smh, it comes with power apparently.
  3. apham504


    what the fuck, you told me you were the owner.
  4. apham504


    NickName: aphaM Age: 21 Steam ID: "aphaM [A]" STEAM_1:0:2056398 How long (average) have you been playing Counter-Strike games? 13 years, 1.6 and GO Do hold any Moderator/Administrator position or similar role within any other Gaming Community? No Which server do you play on the most? Yep, used to be an admin in 1.6 but none now, VPP Ever had an admin function before? yes Why do you think you deserve admin? Because I play on this server everyday and I believe I can be a help to the server when no other admins are around by getting rid of hackers and cheaters and muting mic spammers, and moving around players to create fair teams when one team is being clearly dominant to prevent server from dying. When will you be active (the most)? Night times After 9pm How will you draw people in our server? players love me, cause i am a memer I, aphaM, agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin, I will accept the consequences.
  5. Always liked aphaM***, but I guess moop is cool too.
  6. argh, might just have ring for a team since Ill out for the last week of July. Will miss semis and finals most likely. inb4 I won't make it that far pshhh, u know who aphaM is man? jk
  7. apham504

    VPP Face Thread

    Damn so you aren't Asian, it's ok edit, I also thought you were in your 30s weird
  8. Bitter pill to swallow, first time to not be in the VPP finals. GG to control's team, they played phenomenal! Good luck to them rest of the way.
  9. Original Match Date/Time: Feb 6 , 9:00 pm est My team: RIP WATERFALL Request for opponents team: Lucid's Ladies Reborn New proposed time: Feb 6 10:15 pm est
  10. Original Match Date/Time: 1/26 /17 @ 9 PM Eastern My Team: RIP WATERFALL Requests for Opponents Team: TACO BICEPS New proposed date/time: 1/31/17 @ 8 PM EASTERN
  11. We are playing tonight, it's fine if you still can taco bud.
  12. Original Match Date/Time: 1/26 /17 @ 9 PM Eastern My Team: RIP WATERFALL Requests for Opponents Team: TACO BICEPS New proposed date/time: 2/2/17 @ 8 PM EASTERN
  13. is it too late to add a sub? if so ill like redeyeez for potential since he didn't qualify.
  14. will have to ask my team, will get back to u in a bit.