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    Thanks Mario. I'll try to fill the shortcomings.
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    [b:1t5e5pny]-NickName: [/b:1t5e5pny] Default [b:1t5e5pny]-Age: [/b:1t5e5pny] 22 [b:1t5e5pny]Steam ID:[/b:1t5e5pny] STEAM_0:0:27698191 [b:1t5e5pny]-How long (average) have you been playing Counter-Strike games? [/b:1t5e5pny] What got me into PC Gaming was Counter Strike 1.6. I remember coming to internet cafes and spending hours with my buddies playing cs_deathmatch. I purchased my first PC the same time Source was released. I had to play aim maps since my PC couldn't even handle Dust2. Skins, custom maps, source has it all. [b:1t5e5pny] -Which server do you play on the most? [/b:1t5e5pny] Honestly, I've only recently discovered this server. I have a habit of applying for admin on every server I encounter. My goal is to be able to jump into any server and be able help rid of a hacker. I played this role in Source. [b:1t5e5pny]-Ever had an admin function before? [/b:1t5e5pny] Yes, in Source. I've had access to rcon, sourceban and all commands including resetting the server. I helped manage WestCoastCantina and BoomGaming and was an admin on 3 other servers. [b:1t5e5pny]-Why do you think you deserve admin?[/b:1t5e5pny] I have good intentions and share the common interest of keeping a gaming community a fun place to be. I do not ban unless agreed upon by other admins and unless there is a demo available for review. The only caveat is that I am more than likely not going to be able to maintain the 20 hour requirement. I like to hop around other servers as well. But I'd like to help. If I am not able to be accepted as an admin, do add me on steam so I can report a hacker instantly. Players in game would not wait for a forum response. [b:1t5e5pny]-When will you be active (the most)? [/b:1t5e5pny] I have access anytime of the day. [b:1t5e5pny]- How will you draw people in our server?[/b:1t5e5pny] I don't have many friends on steam that play CS:GO, but I can keep the server free of hackers. I, "Default", agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin, I will accept the consequences.