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  1. ADMIN U GNA take that?!?!?! FROM DUMA?!?!?! THATS IT ADMIN TAKE OUT THE R8!
  2. STEAM_1:0:14760129 Shaggy VersaceCockRing professional elboy licker i would like to apologize to all my vpp brothers and sisters for my harsh language and unbelievable god aim in the VPP community server. I hope people would understand that i had too much sauce and was not myself that one night i got banned. I apologize to everyone that was in the server that night and to all VPP members who just couldnt believe what was happening. Please i would love a to be forgiven and to come back and play at my fav community server, it would b my pleasure to play with all of you guys again and D
  3. 1. i am truly sayin i dont remember ha i know i messaged mdnght and told him i got banned same with shyster but i nevr really said i didnt deserve it ha i was kinda just mad at the moment. but in the heat of the moment i eventually understood the ban so i didnt evn ask anyone to unban me cuz i dint think it was possible to b, kinda just accepted the fact i would play there anymore, which honestly lol, some in the serve know, i didnt play anywhere else. 2. whispers340@aim.com 3. absolutely, i understand respect is key to having a thriving server and if i dont kno someone i wont attack
  4. i was in the server one day and i have no excuse i acted like a jerk and was out of line, i was tryin to tell an admin not to kick me just mute me and i was too forcefull with him, and i do apologize to that admin it was uncalled for i have been banned for a while and at one point i was donating to this server. i do not expect to get unbanned just because i was a donator i am just apologizing to the admin and to anyone i have annoyed. All i would like is to be unbanned and to come back and play with my friends and i will nevr act like the asshole i was again. All im asking for is another chanc
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