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  1. It's pretty common for people to push through teammates mollies due to ff being turned off and I've heard players ask for a teammate to molly a spot explicitly so they can run through it before. Personally, I find it frustrating to die this way and I know others do as well. Perhaps we should discuss if we should try plugin like this or if people see it as a problem at all?
  2. You spelled my name wrong. *** Fixed It*** -A.Police.
  3. Also we changed 3 people, most of which were part of our core. Wasn't the same team by any measure. EDIT: 4 people. Bane, groot, running and firework were all new to biscuits.
  4. We did, but it was close every time. Didn't LLR win like 3-4 in a row? Definitely gives everyone a more fair chance. I doubt any tournament where people can choose teams will have more than 3 teams with any realistic chance of winning.
  5. Might as well tell all top 3 teams they can't play together or just have people sign up to play the tournament and randomly draw it. "We might as well just get 2nd place since we still get money and can remake the team in the next tournament"- In teamspeak right now.
  6. We won with 2 close maps, barely got through groups and can't play as a team again? Is it just all 7 or can we keep our main 5? Honestly that's pretty bs considering we didn't win by a huge margin and the 2nd and 3rd place team were just as stacked and could have easily won if a few ecos went there way.
  7. I'll ask the team when people are on later. I think it will work though.
  8. I was thinking starting at 9 EST or so if that's good.
  9. Just letting people know cope and I are trying to find a time to do the finals. It won't be default time tonight.
  10. @Copenhagen Can we reschedule finals? PM me on steam about it.
  11. Biscuits win semi final 1 16-3 13-16 16-10 GGs guys, shittalking was all in good fun :D.
  12. Talking to easty atm, going to try to do at least 1 map tonight.
  13. Someone just said they can't make it. Want to look at pushing Wednesday's game back an hour or two instead?
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