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  1. that cpl_fire remake is on ESEA, right? We should probably replace mill with the remake that guy did as well. Also, as long as we are adding old school maps de_lite looks great and was leaked as a next operation map by some sprites that were added in 2 updates back. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=632040311&searchtext=de_lite
  2. That's what it was in OK and KS except no restriction for the first 6 months.
  3. Don't feel like taking a new pic, so here's an old one that has most of my pc (I've changed out the case, power cables to the GPU and had that cpu cooler fail and replaced it with a cheaper closed loop, mostly looks the same as this pic though). Specs: Case: Phanteks Enthoo primo Power Supply: Corsair 860W Plat. OS: Windows 10 Motherboard: Gigabyte GAX79-UP4 CPU: i7 3820 Memory: 4x4Gb corsair vengeance Video Card: 2x Saphire 7970 Ghz ed. Headphone: PC360/Dt990s Monitor: Asus VG248GE/Generic 1440p Mouse: Logitech G403 Mousepad: SS QCK+ Keyboard: Pok3r
  4. Someday yeah. Not supposed to drive atm for medical reasons, but once I can get around more I'd love too. Also, what Korean bbq places would you recommend? Need to show the gf how good bulgolgi is and I've only been to LA Burger.
  5. I'll prob stop by for at least 1 day. It's a pretty long drive from Irving though
  6. Who doesn't want contra?
  7. Now I feel stupid for trying to make it de_contra_b4 the other night....
  8. Any word on when it will be on the server map list? It's been in a few votes and has always won.
  9. http://imgur.com/a/khmg4 The flamepoint is my cat (Gamma). Tabby is my gf's (Lila). The tuxedo cat we found outside at about 5-6 weeks old and took him in(He got generically named mittons after 2 weeks when we couldn't find him a home and got attached. It's misspelled as we named him while watching Always Sunny). Blonde lab is the dog I had at my dad's in high school and through college.
  10. Updated version of mill with a few minor changes and updated textures. I know DuMa loves Mill more than women so I hope we can make this a regular map. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=266988442&searchtext=mill+calr
  11. The maps they made are still good though.
  12. Come to Dallas next time. Houston sucks.
  13. It was made by the people that tried to revive CAL as CALR (CAL Reloaded). They remade 2-3 maps, but never took off as a league, mainly because old CAL admins didn't know anyone involved and the community was very against it.
  14. Please note that abusing any map breaking boosts on canals will not be allowed. Since you can see through every texture on the map it will be a punishable offense.
  15. Try using the mouse with no drivers. That is insane. If you have notible input lag on your keyboard as well then something must be wrong with your system (window's drivers perhaps?). Honestly, that cpu should be able to poll at any allowed rate and not have any change in cpu usage. If there is something wrong with your window's drivers/processor that would cause this it might be whatever is causing other problems as well.
  16. You should really try to monitor CPU usage of the mouse drivers because polling at different rates is trivial for modern PCs and shouldn't cause CPU usage to vary by any meaningful amount. Maybe if you were still on a CPU that used Mhz to describe it's speed, but with any decent GPU from the past decade shouldn't be affected by polling rates. For instance, here's a five year old thread where they discussed this topic. http://www.overclock.net/t/1295845/polling-rate-difference-to-cpu-usage-from-125-500-1000hz Given idk who fireglider is, I wouldn't be surprised if their drivers were at fault. Does the mouse work without drivers? Also, do you have a mouse that can be used driverless or is from a large company you can use to test if how the driver handles polling rates could be a problem?
  17. I don't get what you're saying with this since Intel doesn't make drivers for any decent GPU (AMD did have shit gpu drivers for awhile, they are passable now most of the time). If you're fine with AMD maybe check some new ryzen chips as AMD tends to focus more on single-thread performance than Intel.
  18. As hehe said, CSGO is largely CPU dependent. I would recommend OCing your 3570k, disabling any profiles your gpu has for the game and make sure you're not in windowed fullscreen. Also, are you changing mouse poll rates through device manager or some driver? If 500hz vs 1khz polling is the cause of avg 50% less cpu usage at spikes and polling is actually the cause of the problem then that is fucking absurd.
  19. unbanned

    Yeah, all I'd say about that is saving is fine, but not when it's happening almost the third of the rounds on a map (tbh I think I've gotten more complaints from people on your team that see it as delaying and not having an impact which I don't find surprising given you tend to string saves along until your team buys again). Especially when they are often 30-45s saves when your team has a decent loss bonus or your loss bonus is worth more than equipment. Granted, you awp a lot so saving makes more sense, but there's no reason to save ak+armor T side when you're on a 4-5 round loss bonus given we have increased loss bonuses on a 30man (starts at $1700 and goes to $3700 max). I would just say think more about your team's situation considering it's 15v15 and not 5v5 + loss bonuses are higher so 2 eco rounds will often buy another awp if you're team has lost 2-3 in a row and will have you pistol buying when your team does and awp buying when they tend to have more equipment. Granted, this server isn't ever going to have a buy together, eco together mentality, but there is a general trend when it comes to how a team buys and after watching several rounds where someone spends 30s+ saving an awp, then sits back playing passive angles while the team dies next round makes people frustrated and complain about lack of impact/delaying to stat pad.
  20. unbanned

    I'll try to take a look at the demos in the next day or two, but the only round that stood out to me while playing (others you were getting the right angle but without POV I can't say what info you had) was the 1v3 on office with the jump peak at the end. I will say many of the times people have called suspect plays, regardless of whether they had admin status or not, were during times where you would be very far back saving when at times it seemed unreasonable and did more to delay the game than anything else. There had been talks of a 1-2 week ban in regards to your playstyle when it came to delaying rounds and absurd levels of baiting. Without having reviewed the demos yet, I wasn't to the point where I'd say you wall, but had someone asked if you should get a short ban for baiting/delaying I would say yes.
  21. I apologize for HeHe's comments. This is the closest he's ever been to a female.
  22. Ha, I'm 25. And yes, I am a minority at VPP.
  23. gf and I as bridesmaid/groomsmen at a friend's wedding.
  24. I honestly think a server wide vote on whether or not skins should stay would come back at like 80%+ saying no. It's a lot of textures to load just so people can troll. Also, anything that might help lower the sv/var a bit at full capacity and give people more fps would be great.