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  1. I have the following: 2 EA Sports Cases 7 CS Weapon Cases 3 CS Weapon Case 2 5 Bravo Cases I don't really care to open anything, so if you want them, I'll trade StatTrak stuff that I'll actually use (glock, p90, etc.) if you have extra. Just send me a message.
  2. Woot! I can just see that sweet looking awp now...
  3. Haha, Nolan on rejects. That would be HILARIOUS.
  4. He's the younger brother who likes penis in his mouth... Better not have your back turned in GO, he'll stick his penis in you. lol
  5. Congrats buddy! I'm sure you'll make the server even better than it already is! P.S. - We need some Asian recipes
  6. We should have all the people who live in Dallas meet up in a not gay way! lol
  7. Gross, now we can't admin chat about him.... lol jk. Welcome, buddy!
  8. Welcome buddy! We place our server lives in your hands! <3
  9. Is anyone surprised that a girl's introduction has 3x as many replies as all the others? lol
  10. Have you thought about making it all talk when people die? It might be a terrible idea, but I was on a server like that and I liked it ok. It helps with the communal aspect, but still maintains the competitive side. Just a thought.
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