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      Please be sure to include your steam ID and IGN in the comments while you donate so we know who its from if you're logged in as guest (Unless you're registered and signed in) It will automatically post a thread once you donate   If you did not include this information in your Donation Note, Please create a new Support Request here with the following information: Your In-Game Name SteamID
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      Please use our Support Central located here:http://clanvpp.com/forum/7-support-central/ CHATBOX IS NOT FOR SUPPORT
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      VPP LAN Party Late 2017/Early 2018   04/04/2017

      Please click the following thread for more information and replies  


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  1. Post your Battlestation

    Yea, I was going for a princess look.
  2. Post your Battlestation

    My Laptop & Desk.
  3. New donation from barrel

  4. New donation from Eden

    Welcome to the forums Eden!
  5. VPP Lan Party late 2017 or Early 2018.

    I would definitely like to come. It's 187$ for a flight. However, I could just drive there. Would this be near November?
  6. Life Alert Song

    The old adage that old people have a decaying musical tastes is an outright lie. Alert your musical tastes with this catchy electronic inspired hip-hop song.
  7. Battlegrounds.

    Let's focus our efforts on trying to get Jim & Du Ma locked and loaded on Battlegrounds. Message him everyday saying "Hey! Get battlegrounds." Or if anyone can donate the game to them that would work.
  8. New donation from Magugu

    Don't spend it all at once.
  9. Post your pets

  10. Post your pets

    This is our cat. Nothing special.
  11. Wassup

    Hello black olive. I'm magugu.
  12. Hehe base it on skill. I don't trust the automatic team balancing system.
  13. High sperm count, low CSS:GO score

    Jim Lahey + Eastern Dandy =