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Everything posted by Magugu

  1. lol
  2. This is our cat. Nothing special.
  3. Hello black olive. I'm magugu.
  4. Hehe base it on skill. I don't trust the automatic team balancing system.
  5. Jim Lahey + Eastern Dandy =
  6. Joke's on you! I voted for Trump!
  7. I was part of true championship team the other night. Here is the evidence to prove it.
  8. Since yesterday I've been unable to join the Dallas VPP Competitive 128 tick server. It doesn't even show up. If I type console and enter "Connect" it freezes for 3 minutes. Then the game says "Failed to connect :30 times" When I check the console log it says "Banned by server." If I plug my laptop in through cable it works just fine. The server shows up. I asked admin around if I was banned they said "No."
  9. That's alright guys. I'll just play on my neighbors WiFi until, hm, a miracle happens. Thanks for the help.
  10. My modem is router. All in one. I'll call them up to see what they say. But I did find this on the net. https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=276973
  11. Nothing worked. So, I'm out of ideas. Oh, well.
  12. Okay. I will try it.
  13. Alright. Well, hm.....you guys have to add me on steam messenger. That way you can guide me step by step on what to do. I have access to my router.
  14. Yea, I'm borrowing my neighbors Wifi to get on the server. If I used my home network the dallas server doesn't show up. This is my Network addresses.
  15. Nothin has worked. I restarted router/modem and no success.
  16. Okay. I'll try that.
  17. I'd like to publicly apologize to RedEyez for openly accusing him of hacking without any evidence support my claim. -Magugu Now let's plant that bomb.
  18. Okay. How to I become an official? Also, is it possible to contribute to the prize pool?
  19. Can all who are not playing just be in the spec mode during the game?
  20. Hello Face, I want to sign up as a spectator/referee for the tournament. Just watch and look out for any funny business.
  21. " She can make .5 past the illegal speed limit. She's not much but shes got it where it counts.
  22. I'm sure many of the folks that troll these forums have logged many hours into CS:GO and have lots of fun in doing so. But, do you guys ever stop and ponder the question "Why do I play CS:GO?" "Why do even game at all?" Competition? Boredom? It's trendy? Social Networking? I for one play CS:GO because it teaches you valuable skills that can be applied to life. Patience and instinct. CS:GO teaches me to be patient with people as well as be patient with my actions. When your'e holding a bombsite as CT and your teammates are falling left and right it's important to be patient and not to panic. If you panic you may cost yourself and your team the round, or the entire game. Instinct. CS:GO helps me develop the confidence to trust in my instinct. I'm blabbing on and on. More importantly why do you play?