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  1. MagicHelmetTV

    VPP CS:GO Winter Tourney (January 2018) (Closed)

  2. MagicHelmetTV

    Post your Battlestation

    FACE HOW DID I NOT KNOW YOU HAVE A TRIPLE MONITOR SET UP TOO?! #triplemonitormasterrace Cherry, that build is epic.
  3. Yo dudes, I'll be casting my first LAN tomorrow w/ MadCityGG in Wisconsin. I think there are at least 24 teams, prize pool is $4,300. Come rep VPP and check us out! And don't be assholes please Link: Twitch.tv/magichelmettv or twitch.tv/madcitygg
  4. MagicHelmetTV

    VPP CS:GO Winter Tourney (January) *Completed*

  5. MagicHelmetTV

    VPP CS:GO Winter Tourney (January) *Completed*

    If anyone has specific rounds they would like me to highlight to include a highlight reel at the end of the tournament, please let me know what day you played, team name, and/or the round the highlight took place, or the side you were one (ct side or T side). If you can find the time stamp of the highlight from the VOD's please share that. It would be the easiest way to go about it.
  6. MagicHelmetTV

    VPP CS:GO Winter Tourney (January) *Completed*

    Taco Biceps vs. Counterstrike Militia First Map (Dust 2) - https://www.twitch.tv/magichelmettv/v/11739127 Second Map (Mirage) - https://www.twitch.tv/magichelmettv/v/117392044
  7. MagicHelmetTV

    VPP CS:GO Winter Tourney (January) *Completed*

    Team Biscuits vs. French Toast Mafia First Map (Dust 2) - https://www.twitch.tv/magichelmettv/v/117151795 Second Map(Mirage) - https://www.twitch.tv/magichelmettv/v/117152738 Team Bot.gg vs. Waterfall 2017 First Map (Mirage) - https://www.twitch.tv/magichelmettv/v/117153581, https://www.twitch.tv/magichelmettv/v/117154060 Second Map (Cache) - https://www.twitch.tv/magichelmettv/v/117154977
  8. MagicHelmetTV

    VPP CS:GO Winter Tourney (January) *Completed*

    Here's my steamID: STEAM_1:0:17495327
  9. MagicHelmetTV

    VPP CS:GO Winter Tourney (January) *Completed*

    Team Name: TBD Team Leader Name: Magic Helmet 1. Magic Helmet 2. TBD 3. TBD 4. TBD 5. TBD
  10. MagicHelmetTV

    VPP CSGO Winter Tourney?

  11. MagicHelmetTV

    VPP CS:GO Summer Tourney (July) **Completed**

    If every team could submit a logo of some kind that has a transparent background I will make a team page for each team. I wanted to a little production work for this for fun. If teams would be interested, they can submit pictures of the starting 5 and I can make up a team page with names/nicks/ and some other info. Could be pretty cool.
  12. MagicHelmetTV

    VPP CS:GO Summer Tourney (July) **Completed**

    Add: "MR_" STEAM_1:0:596500
  13. MagicHelmetTV

    VPP CS:GO Summer Tourney (July) **Completed**

    Oh, just so I know in advance . . . do the other teams prefer KY or vaseline? Just kidding, it doesn't matter what you think!! THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE GETTING
  14. MagicHelmetTV

    contest Video Content Contest!! $20

    I can provide the video files if I win. You can put the money towards the prize pot if I do. During Cevo Match: https://www.twitch.tv/magichelmettv/v/43798865 https://www.twitch.tv/magichelmettv/v/55901674