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  1. Elden


    What's up man, Nice to see you here. If I'm being honest I don't understand a single thing in this post but I'm glad you dropped by lol
  2. Elden

    Death Points

    lmaooo ive already tried man we cant change the gameme system its set in stone literally said the exact same thing as you
  3. Elden

    Shoutout to [SG]

    Actually it stands for salty gonads
  4. Elden

    Points System Feedback

    awwww well thanks for the try anyways haha that server was fun last night
  5. Elden

    Points System Feedback

    Sounds good, looking forward to it!
  6. Elden

    Points System Feedback

    Also, points for capping objectives should be doubled! Nobody plays objective anymore
  7. Elden


    Hopefully that'll change, I've been trying to get everyone more active haha. Nice to see you Tress
  8. Elden

    Points System Feedback

    Hey Liam! I'm glad you made this post. What I was trying to say is that explosives are so easy to get kills with. Yet the modifier is 3.00 for most explosive weapons. (Insurgency) I was thinking maybe we could make the explosives at a 1.00 modifier and increase the modifier of harder weapons to use. E.g. Knives, pistols, bolt action snipers. Anyway, just a thought. Thanks for the post
  9. Elden

    accepted <Elden>

    Hello everybody, since nobody else is applying for admin I guess I might as well be one of the first. My name in real life is actually Elden, the same as my steam name. (Yes I know, very creative.) Age: 19 Steam ID: [SG] Elden STEAM_0:0:55766831 Server applying for: LA Insurgency My admin experience is limited to a couple of small reddit communities, but I'd say I can handle it pretty well. The way I'll draw people to our server is just by having a good experience and being friendly. For example, just answer questions in the chat or help out newbies so they make our server their home server. I, Elden, agree to the admin rules and if I break them I will accept the consequences"
  10. Elden


    oh shit waddup that sounds dank, ill see if I get accepted haha, thanks!
  11. Elden


    Yoooooo guys whats up! I'm the #1 rank on the LA server for Insurgency and I just wanted to drop in on the forums and say whats up. Honestly idk how I'm #1 but I'm enjoying it haha. So yeah, just wanted to drop by and talk to you guys on the forums, see whats up. P.S. it would be really cool if we could get tournaments going for the insurgency servers too. We could do clan tournaments or something. I saw the CSGO ones and it looks fun as hell. Ok yeah thats it. Cya y'all.