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  1. My name's Alex or Crus4de whichever is easiest. My favorite game will probably always be Insurgency closely followed by Arma. If you're ever playing on NYC or Texas server the same time as me for Insurgency I'll show you why I have C4 in my username!
  2. Your Name: Alex Age: 18 Steam ID: Crus4de Server applying for: Insurgency NYC, Texas Do you have admin experience? No How will you draw people to our server? Making it so people who aren't aiding themselves have a fair shot at winning. Preventing people from being abused through votes because someone decided it was their goal to troll that individual. I've played on the Insurgency NYC server since it was open and have held top 1/2 spot since, I've seen a range of trolls and hackers and even been prevented from playing because a group of people decided it'd be fun to kick me every time I joined so they would win. Rarely did I ever see the other team willingly try to boot out the hacker/troll and I desperately want it to stop. I, Alex a.k.a Crus4de, agree to the admin rules and if I break them I will accept the consequences"
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