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  1. Thanks, I appreciate the fast response and will keep you updated on how people are liking the changes.
  2. A few things I've noticed on NYC and Texas Servers: 1. The map rotations are very different than the L.A. server, and not in a good way. There are a lot of "junky" maps like Peak Skirmish Night or something. On the flipside, I think NYC is missing Tell, which is usually in the "standard" rotation. 2. L.A. has a team switch halfway through the game, while NYC and Texas does not. Many people have voiced their opinion against this while I have been on the server. 3. The servers should have a "no tie" rule, where it will have a tiebreaker round if the game ends up as 2-2. What I
  3. Thanks a bunch! Reading up on the Admin Guides now. I've added you as well.
  4. Your Name: Alex Age: 27 Steam ID: Tresserhorn Server applying for: Insurgency L.A, NYC, and Texas Do you have admin experience? In FFXI clans (linkshells) from 2003-2006 How will you draw people to our server? By keeping a healthy and positive playing atmosphere, where respect is considered to be the golden rule. I hear a lot of people on voice chat frustrated at someone breaking the rules, or mic spamming racial slurs over and over again. I have a wife and a newborn son, and the odd hours that I'm able to hop on a video game should be times of challenge, fun, int
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. Liam, I have seen Elden around a lot, along with the rest of the [SG] clan. They are a very good bunch of players and find myself always playing on the opposite team to make it a challenging match. As a result, I've been killed by them many, many times (and have returned the favor equally). Good stuff. I saw his application and I am glad that he decided to help out with the server. I'll go ahead and submit an application for admin.
  6. Hello, I pretty much exclusively play in the VPP L.A./NYC/Texas Insurgency server and noticed a severe lacking of admins - lots of racism, a few of cheaters, and many spawn campers (even post update). So I figured that I would introduce myself and hopefully can help to remove some of those individuals from the server, either as an admin or by just reporting them. Anyways, thanks for hosting the great servers. 99% of the time they are fantastic. That remaining 1% is what I intend to work on.
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