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  1. The modifiers can't be changed so the only way is to cap the deduction. For me, I think that 10pts deduction should be enough because it's so unfair to players with high points and has been playing on the server for a long time. I started playing in LA server since it went up and it took me 8 days server time to be at the rank 10 but in the TX server I got the 1st rank in less than 3 days due to starting late and taking 15pts+ from players with higher points. Like Elden, there are several good regular players that rarely play in the server due to high deductions. I myself for example, my server play time on LA and TX server went down due to losing 25pts for every death and gaining 2pts for every kill. Another reason why I think 10 should be enough because it is kinda challenging to have 5 consecutive kills without dying in the game where 1-3shots can instantly kill you.
  2. Luffy


    Dry canal night and district night are already in rotation before but removed due to low play time. Dry canal night would be fun tho.
  3. I just tried the Texas server and still no team switch after the 2nd round, maybe it's possible to just copy the config of LA server to TX and NYC.
  4. Maybe because of rank? Higher rank = higher deductions. That's why newbies are so lucky lol.
  5. Also limit deductions to 10pts.
  6. That would be great! I think a lot of players are down to try that test server.
  7. Hello! I agree with Elden that explosives should have lower modifier than knives because it is very easy to get kills using explosives. Also, it can also reduce the number of spawn c4s and rpgs that ruins the game and can actually make players rage quit. Thanks!
  8. Luffy


    Your Name: Ralph Age: 19 Steam ID: [SG] Luffy STEAM_0:1:147512977 Server applying for: LA Insurgency Do you have admin experience? I am an admin of several Facebook groups with 1k+ members. How will you draw people to our server? I always play on the server, in fact, I have 3d 21:12h play time in the LA server because I really enjoy playing with the great community. Every time I play, I always try to have a fun and enjoyable playing environment, so other players can also enjoy the game/server while playing with me. I,Ralph/Luffy, agree to the admin rules and if I break them I will accept the consequences"
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