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  1. crazydude

    Trade Server Vote Menu Feature?

    Alright, thanks.
  2. crazydude

    Trade Server Vote Menu Feature?

    Well if you are looking for admins I would be willing to be one as I play on your server all the time. However, the only missing requirement I have for the application would be the posts on the forums. I would gladly manage the server.
  3. I was hoping to see that the Vote system could possibly be re-instated to help prevent any hackers or trolls from harassing users in the server. I dealt with a recent hacker on July 15th and we could not do anything as there is no current admin. Any help is greatly appreciated! -Meant for VPP NY and Dallas Servers on TF2
  4. crazydude

    Hi guys its John

    I play a ton of Team Fortress 2 apart from Homeworld 2, and Obviously skyrim. I have noticed that on VPP servers (on Tf2) there is a lot of negativity and some cheaters that appear once in awhile. One server I recently played on, (Poor People Trade server) didn't even seem to have a current admin to handle the LMAOBOX hacker that showed up. Anyway, I love your servers apart from when the hackers show up. Apart from gaming I love parks and recreation, not as much as Archer but hey sarcasm is amazing. Friend me if you like!