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  1. [INACTIVE] Living Legend

    You should apply for all three servers, not just one
  2. VPP Mem App

    Screen Name: KrakenZilla Real Name (Last name not required): Steve-O Location (City, State, Country): Orl / FL / US Previous Clans (if applicable): $RH -CS:S/CS:GO clan Playing CS since: Quite a bit of 1.6 , Source and CS:GO from the start. Preferred Weapon: UMP / XM1014 Preferred Map: Inferno / Mirage Why would you want to become a VPP member? Because i'm poor , and i also play on the Insurgency servers
  3. Maps

    the NYC server has a small map selection
  4. Maps

    But why take maps out ? Should have all the maps, more diversity, better rotation.
  5. Maps

    Is There any chance we could get more maps on the servers? a lot of people have been saying there's not enough, and were always playing the same maps over and over (talking to you Buhriz) Miss playing Peak and ministry and some of the night versions of some Maps
  6. Tiebreakers

    It's for Insurgency, And it ends sometimes at 3 or 4 rounds because it's Timed, and it's set to First team to 3 Victories wins, And it's great if it end in a tie (imo) so it doesn't carry the map any longer. And it doesn't always Tie, like i said it's based on how much time is left for the Map that's being played.
  7. Death Points

    i was playing an a Gameme server few days ago it was 2 per kill and 2 per death only , i was just wondering
  8. Death Points

    So i noticed when some players kill me i sometimes lose 20 or 25 points which sorta bugs me, and i only always get 2 points for each kill i never get those 25 point kills :(. i get a good killstreak and then i get killed once and lose all the points i just earned is there any chance it could be lower? like maybe the highest could be 10 or 15, i think 25 is way too much.
  9. Liam the short link "here" for the admin guide lines does not, says it "could not find the item"

  10. remvoed KraKenZilla

    Will do! Thank You very much o7
  11. remvoed KraKenZilla

    Roger that, btw a lot of the chat that i type in all jokingly, nothing to take serious just some friendly trash talk lol.
  12. Hi there, My name is KrakenZilla

    Yeah Dayz mod is a whole lot of fun!, i mostly play Wasteland and did a lot of ACE in ARMA 2, hella intense!
  13. Hi there, My name is KrakenZilla

    Greetings! i'm 20 years old 12/12/95 , i live in Florida and i love playing Insurgency! I have recently started playing Insurgency a shit ton and iv'e gotten wicked good (imo), Great game love the change of pace it has from other games. I also play a ton of ARMA 2/3 and DayZ SA. i lead the charts in the NYC server and i'm trying to lead the charts in the Texas server :P. The players in this game are quite friendly and much better than other games i play, which makes it great! I also used to be really good at CS:S but i quit it. Could of gone pro at one point, did a lot of scrims and was in a decent team, then CS:GO came out and i got to Supreme on that but iv'e also quit that game. I'm also always in my TeamSpeak.
  14. remvoed KraKenZilla

    Your Name: KraKenZilla Age: 20 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:42857655 Server applying for: ClanVPP NYC and ClanVPP Texas Do you have admin experience? Yes, 3 Different CSS servers and some ArmA servers. I also ran Two forums for clans. srh and some other clan. How will you draw people to our server? Fair-play, Be Friendly to everyone, treat everyone equally I KraKenZilla, agree to the admin rules and if I break them I will accept the consequences!