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  1. I am going to donate for myself again, but I wanted to set up steam id: STEAM_0:0:73287906 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198106841540/ with 5$ slot, just a player I met in rust, and asked if he wanted to check the 15v15 server out, he tried it out for one night, so I was donating to reserve him a slot for a month to see if he wants to keep reserving on his own or w.e . I did attach to comments, and he didn't get kicked the whole time he was playing the other night, so it might have been noticed on the comment part when donating already, if so you can disregard this reply.
  2. Yeti

    Player Crashed server?

    April 17th, 1:25 am (the night of the 16th), in eastern standard timezone for me, so technically probably still 16th there, 17th for me. I guess it was fixed because a player joined last night and was kicked, surprised it was fixed tbh.
  3. Can't find Steam ID because its not on gameme page (due to crash i think), however right after he joined with aimware name, the server lagged considerably for like 5-10 seconds and then rebooted i assume. I'm sure everyone was aware anyway, but I did notice flood of errors in console, but was not sure if anyone else had same? I do not see the error commonly, but did notice its present in plenty of search results. screenshot was literally taken as the sever started lagging, as you can see syrup mentioning his name when he is about to join a team, lol.
  4. Can be changed to "Resolved", upgraded from 650 ti 2gb to 1060 3gb so its considerable improvement with the issues I was experiencing. For anyone reading from start, end of the story was I had 650 ti 2gb on x4 slot with auto gen 1.0; this didn't immediately present any issues considering a 650 ti 2gb can't saturate a full x4 pci slot bandwidth anyway. After purchasing new gpu, I did some cable management of the non-modular psu as the 1060 is a bit bigger and I am using small haf 912 from 2013ish; and changed cooler to aftermarket with new thermal compound which brings me to my next point, I didn't change thermal paste since I built the PC in 2013 which was contributing to temps and throttling, lol. Something worth noting, gen 1.0 vs 3.0 reduces overhead latency from <20% to <2% from what I read, so I guess leaving generation of pci to auto in bios is not a great idea, especially with a card already outdated. ^temps from second monitor after like 30-40ish rounds in 14v14 server. 1060 3gb is ok for 144hz at 1280x800, but probably wouldn't handle 1080p 144hz well at all, lol. 3570k utilization changed quite drastically after moving to 1060 3gb, as it used to peak 100% and stay around 90% probably due to mostly thermal throttling as you can see from previous screenshots last year. I'm not having any issues with the new gpu, and its quite a bit funner on a newer gpu without random fps drops and lag. I purchased extra thermal paste for later this year, and have 6 fans going in the case instead of only 2 as before (1 intake/exhaust). Im pretty much content with this PC, I want to start a new one this summer though.
  5. Connecting to public( ... Server using 'public' lobbies, requiring pw no, lobby id ffffffffffffffff Connecting to public( ... Server using 'public' lobbies, requiring pw no, lobby id ffffffffffffffff Connected to All i get when joining atm. Doesn't actually load into the map. Looks empty anyhow.
  6. http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-3328442/bought-gtx-1060-increase-fps-increase.html I did read this thread after googling 1060 upgrade from 650 ti for the hell of it, luckily found a thread from this year, lol. This guy did upgrade to 1060 and as mentioned there he got no significant fps increase, using his amd fx 8150 which benches around the same as the 3750k, 7k range. This is looking a bit more like I'll need to grab cpu/mboard first and gpu this summer, lol. Gah, well I'm glad I made the thread because I did google a few things as a result of second opinions, that tomshardware thread was a decent find. I was comparing the 8150(benchmark score 7,620) which the tomshardware thread OP was using, to the 8320(benchmark score 8,011) the youtuber was using who said "csgo doesnt make my system sweat" etc. Something I don't quite get is why similar benched cpus, 7,620 and 8,011 respectively; both 8 cores, would handle the game that substantially different considering they bench nearly the same overall on users who ran tests. I looked at different benches on the same cpu noticing ranges of 2k cpu bench score based primarily on the ghz timing (oc) or not bench. I guess I could try OCing the 3570k for now until I decide what I will purchase after doing a bit more looking around. I also wanted to say that my OS directory was intentionally installed to the SSD, but due to windows design (w7) it automatically split the install between ssd and hdd in a hybrid installation, given the ssd is only 120gb i assume thats why it installed that way. I googled this aswell, finding many threads where the end result is a re-install without the hdd secondary drive plugged in to avoid the windows hybrid installation. It intentionally puts system files on the selected installation directory, but puts other parts of the OS in the secondary drive for some reason, very odd, I didn't notice this until I couldnt format my HDD. I tried unhooking it and rebooting and found out the hard way that its a hybrid installation. I will have to redo the OS, redo cpu thermal since I have not done it in a while, and make sure I clean the fan area out good before I decide to attempt to OC it, as I am using stock cooling and I am not sure that is sufficient for OC. I do notice some benches for 3570k are in 9k range, but those are OCd ones to 4.75 GHz, dont mind me but even if i bought a cooler not sure I could even achieve that easily, or in a stable manner but since I am building a new PC soon I wouldnt mind trying a minor OC when I purchase new cooler. Thanks for the opinions, I am sure I could snatch a cooler easily to give it a go, and have a reinstall without HDD hooked up, think I will be in better shape performance wise, again thanks. one of the higher 3570k benches from this month: http://www.passmark.com/baselines/V9/display.php?id=79493325373 comparison to a 3570k bench with 3.80 GHz instead of 4.70: http://www.passmark.com/baselines/V9/display.php?id=79510259392 I ignored the specs for different video cards, however I guess you could take into account different motherboards aside from the GHz timing since I was looking only at cpu mark scores.
  7. seems to be relatively normal? He gets up to 14% with 1000hz on fx 8320, so I mean it didnt seem too relatively impossible for my 3570k to have a jump from 16 to 36% with 500hz to 1000hz spinning mouse. Obviously i wouldnt spin my mouse ingame anyway, but it does limit fast movement with 1000hz on usb, assumed the keyboard has polling rate issue, Ive used a 10$ usb keyboard before it had no problems, but I assumed it was a low polling rate, lol. This rgb set is probably not at the same rate as the 10$ one was I assumed.
  8. Ive not played competitive apart from my first 17 matches when I started the game before steam pubs, in the last 2 years ive played only vpp occasionally, and some mm dm, fragshack dm etc. I do notice a difference between low pop and high pop, probably resulting from the gpu utilization being lower, however as I stated earlier, the gpu is around 95% to 99% use during playing on the 15v15 pub server, I assume its a bit lower and my fps are a little higher for 5v5s, given alot less is going on, less smokes mollies etc. I have noticed low FPS around 80 in certain situations with like 3 smokes at once on b in inferno or something, but in general im around 150-200 fps idle. The 650 unfortunately is not ok for csgo, lol. Its utilization is maxed out for all low settings here, Ive recently cleaned the fans aswell its just a out-dated 2gb card. I do have cooler master mouse but it has lift off distance issues, so I decided to not use it and just purchase new one, probably will go with logitech after I upgrade gpu, id rather play with fireglider and broken mouse wheel that scrolls randomly then the new cooler master one, just because its pretty sensitive and Im using a smaller mouse pad anyway, so lift off distance has to be pretty low, although Im sure i could get used to it if i wanted to, but given the hardware performance atm i dont think its worth the effort. I will be trying a ps/2 adapter for the usb mouse and keyboard though, since it will not use a polling rate. The ps/2 one Im using now has no issues ingame. I have no problem putting away the rgb stuff until I get new intel build up anyway.
  9. I was relatively skeptical until turning the rate up to 1000hz and seeing the 30% utilization, adding to that my average 80% utilization ingame, its obvious i wouldnt beable to use this mouse at 1000hz while playing csgo. Ive not heard of the brand either, but the problem is the keyboard usb input lag was pretty apparent with no way to change or check polling rate, I left the mouse at 500hz during testing with new keyboard, also tested cooler master mouse which came with the rgb keyboard, seemed to be a usb input lag issue in general not related to the fireglider mouse, on 500hz it seems fine, and I still have overhead while playing ingame so Im not 100% convinced its a specific mouse problem, as I think any usb mouse tends to have the same symptoms using higher polling rate. Two screenshots, one of 500hz, then second with 1000hz, I cleared min/max on hwmonitor inbetween the two screenshots. As you can see the 1000hz cpu utilization was 36% moving mouse fast in circles etc, 500hz was 16% utilization doing same thing. Btw fyi the brand is sharkoon, fireglider is just the model or whatnot.
  10. I had built a amd build in 2011, and had quite a few issues with the 6850 drivers, I bsod quite a few times, however I do note that the gigabyte motherboard auto timing for ram incorrectly timed the gskill ram, and I notified them of it after realizing; it was my first build and I assumed auto timing would be correct lol, after manually setting the timings alot of issues I was having ceased, replaced the ram etc, and sold the rig for new intel build i was starting. I only used it for bf3 release around 11-11-11; had issues installing catalyst controller for example, but again it was probably resulting from the gigabyte auto timing which I do admit probably was not a fault of the GPU drivers specifically. With intel build ive not had any problems, ofcourse I timed my ram manually this time, lesson learned...
  11. The mouse I tested the change on was a 40$ fireglider opitcal mouse, and it was through its software for changing macros on the 3x fire or just general macros to the keys e..g the pic attached. I estimated that considering the 500hz polling rate seemed be maxing around 15-20% compared to the 30% of the 1000hz, was just a estimate in general but it was definitely considerable difference on the task manager and hwmonitor utilization readings. I've never OC'd any cpus, to be honest never really had problems with the performance, its just dated hardware, past its time. I do agree about upgrading, and it will be over the summer as I would prefer to get the GPU first.
  12. I used 2nd monitor and hwmonitor to see the gpu/cpu utilization, cpu was around 85% max on hwmonitor, gpu 99% max, was using around 95% gpu when playing. I didnt notice the CPU tax to 100%, but it could potentially be where the usb input lag comes from relating to high polling rates. I dont think Id opt for 6600k considering it only benches 8k, and the 3570k is 7k; id probably just spend the extra 100$ on a low range board and get a 7700k. New socket really isnt going to be much more then 100$ considering I dont usually purchase top of the line boards anyway, not enthusiast of any sorts. I have built one amd and one intel build, to be honest I really didnt notice any huge differences aside from the gpu drivers which I prefer intel for sure. AMD cpus werent bad, and I potentially was thinking about going atx board and cpu just to get a higher bench and stay in decent price range, but either way im looking at about 400-500$ minimum after getting a new gpu regardless, I guess Ill have to wing it and see if potentially i could get a ps/2 adapter for new keyboard/mouse for the time being until I can finish the cpu/board upgrades during the summer. Thanks for the opinion.
  13. Moving to 1060 from 650 ti 2gb next month, purchased a 144hz monitor however obviously the extra pixels on the new native res is not going to be practical for a gpu already taxing 95-99% on all low with 1440x900 res. I was curious if anyone had ever recently experienced a GPU bottleneck, and can share their experience other then just low FPS, primarily input lag on usb devices. I also purchased a usb keyboard which exhibited inability to push more then 1-2 keys at a time, even though the keyboard obviously has anti-ghosting capabilities. I suspect that the keyboard has a high polling rate and this is resulting in the input lag, the CPU I am using is also from the same intel newegg build in 2012, a 3570k. I suspected this because when turning my mouse polling rate to 1,000 the CPU use would spike to 30-40% when I moved my mouse fast reaching 1000hz rate, turned it back to default 500 and it seemed to have 50% less cpu use during spikes, leading me to conclude there is no option for a 1000hz usb device with this CPU. I would like to have a second experienced opinion if anyone has built their own PCs and experienced similar issues with CS specifically. I switched back to ps/2 dell keyboard setting the cooler master rgb one aside; interestingly enough I dont experience the input lag on ps/2 devices due to the fact there is no polling rate I assume, given its a hardware interrupt registered at a higher priority then software interrupts using polling rates. I concluded the polling rates could potentially still be a issue considering the CPU, even after purchasing a new GPU next month. Any input from anyone perhaps who has switched from 3570k or 650 in the last 3-4 years. Thanks.
  14. Yeti

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] All Teams are Full (15v16) Dallas Server

    Okie dokie, thanks for the info.
  15. Yeti

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] All Teams are Full (15v16) Dallas Server

    Teams are full at 15v16, forces to spec mode. Discussed with shaggy to confirm.
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