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  1. Thanks! Ya, when I defend in Revolt during C, I do not go to the right side any more. Looking down the alley pretty much looks into their spawn and that was what happened a while back.
  2. Your Name: Wes Age: 27 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:2470538 Server applying for: LA Do you have admin experience? Yes, started being an admin from CS 1.3 to CS 1.6. Then went to admin MOH:AA, MOH:SH, RTCW, RTCW:ET, COD, COD:UO, COD2, COD 4(MW), COD5 (WAW), COD BO, BF1942, BF2142, BF2, BF:BC2, BF3, BF4, Arma 3 and now on several INS servers for SFW. How will you draw people to our server? The server is usually bumping with players , but I have brought along a couple of friends with me to the LA server. As for admin-ing style, I can adapt to any method you guys impose as I have moved between many different teams who all manage their servers differently. I spend quite a few days in Asia and work in Alaska, and keep +8GMT body clock majority of the time. Therefore I can help admin the servers during the night periods in the US. I, Wes, agree to the admin rules and if I break them I will accept the consequences Early days when I first started playing on this server, had a misunderstanding regarding the first rule, spawn camping, so was admin killed by Elden on the Revolt map, defending C. After having a chat with him and coming to the website to have a read of the rules; I figured out what you guys meant by spawn camping. Thanks. Removed due to Inactivity
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