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  1. Moose Muscles

    VPP CS:GO Winter Tourney (January) *Completed*

    Bing bang boom, i'm in the room.
  2. Moose Muscles

    Battlefield 1

    I'm interested, dont have the game yet but I would like to contribute. Just let me know what I can do to help
  3. Moose Muscles

    Chantico Fire

    Never mind, i just ponied up the cash and bought it.
  4. Moose Muscles


    I can vouch for him. Cool cat, doesnt talk too much, isn't whiny.
  5. Moose Muscles

    accepted Admin App: Moose Muscles

    Nickname: Moose Muscles Playing CS since: 2004 Which server do you play on the most? Dallas Ever had an admin function before? not on csgo Why do you think you deserve admin? I constantly ask admins for help when people are doing things they arent suppossed to late at night When will you be active (the most)? mostly after 930 pm on all days, give or take. How will you draw people in our server? I seem to get along with most people, have a pretty good sense of humor. I dont tolerate blatant cheaters, mic spammers, or people who are trolling in other methods. I Moose Muscles, agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin, I will accept the consequences
  6. Moose Muscles

    More winter maps

    Can we get the winter maps reloaded with Fall/Winter around the corner?
  7. Moose Muscles

    Picture's of OUR Cars/Dailys/Whips !

    Dont have a personal picture of my ride. I have a 2014 Chevy SS, Mystic Green, Kooks headers and mid pipe, stock mufflers, Rotofab intake, Livernois tuner and custom livernois tune. I love it. Daily drive it 72 miles per day and cant stop smiling while I am in it.
  8. Moose Muscles

    More Skins?!!

    more l4d skins, boomer specifically. Skins spice up the game play and make it funny.
  9. Moose Muscles

    New Member App: Moose Muscles

    Upload a picture OR avatar on Imgur (At least 150px*150px) Screen Name = Moose Muscles Real Name (Last name not required): = Mitch Location (City, State, Country): Florence, SC, USA Previous Clans (if applicable) Playing CS since: 2004, the original reason I opened my steam account. Preferred Weapon: 5.7, bizon, m4a1, galil Preferred Map: Aztec, D2, Vertigo Why would you want to become a VPP member? Only server I play on other than MM. Enjoy the community and would like to be a bigger part of it.
  10. Moose Muscles

    Moose Muscles

    Moose Muscles. AKA Mitch. Been playing CS since 2004. mostly play for fun and to have a good time. At the end of the day it is entertainment. Nuclear power plant operator, self identified nerd, car nerd, Need help, I'm in SC so come on over and I will help.
  11. Moose Muscles

    Check out our Video Ad we made.

    I'd share it on FB.
  12. Moose Muscles

    The VPP General Store LIVE!!

    Dandy, Lahey, and Moose are available as necessary for a calendar. Full nudes by special request only, not for sale.
  13. Moose Muscles

    Dallas Server

    I agree. Unless an admin is present to change map.
  14. Moose Muscles

    "B on LOCK" stacking

    Just go A.