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Mrs. Z

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  1. Sup

    welcome _beNN!
  2. New donation from Mrs. Z

  3. Mrs. Z' Application

    Screen Name: Mrs. Z Real Name (Last name not required): Paz [not short for anything ] Location (City, State, Country): Tulsa, OK, USA Previous Clans (if applicable): Source ~ WebKillers, SRQ, D-Side, RevGaming, NBK GO ~ VPP would be my first one Playing CS since: Source ~ 2007 GO ~ 2014 Preferred Weapon: AK-47 Preferred Map: Dust 2 Why would you want to become a VPP member? Mostly everyone is friendly and cool to hang around with [Willing to help with anything, if needed]
  4. Mrs. Z' Application

    Thank you Liam! It's an honor to be a part of the VPP Family
  5. Hello All!

    I am currently new to the VPP servers. Moo recommended that I sign up and introduce myself in the forums (Thanks Moo!) You can call me Mrs. Z or Z I've been a PC gamer for 15+ years now. (I was a console gamer from when i was a wee bit up to when I had to move here in the US) Currently playing: CSGO, CSS, & OverWatch From time to time, I usually warm up in community servers and that's how I ended up in a VPP server. I currently only know Face, One, Tregg , and Moo that plays in the servers/ hops on teamspeak. But, hello everyone! Hopefully I get to meet some cool people on here ~Thanks for having me, *cheers* ~
  6. Hello All!

    thank you it was nice meeting you last night and thanks again for the AK drop
  7. Hello All!

    wait, what? I'm confused... Thanks for welcoming me! Sounds good, see you around!
  8. Hello All!

    Thank you Liam! I hope so too I'll make sure to let you know, yes sir!
  9. Hello All!

    LOL I can't promise that but I'll try. And you're welcome, you have a nice day as well