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Mrs. Z

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  1. Mrs. Z


    welcome _beNN!
  2. Mrs. Z

    New donation from Mrs. Z

  3. Mrs. Z

    Mrs. Z' Application

    Screen Name: Mrs. Z Real Name (Last name not required): Paz [not short for anything ] Location (City, State, Country): Tulsa, OK, USA Previous Clans (if applicable): Source ~ WebKillers, SRQ, D-Side, RevGaming, NBK GO ~ VPP would be my first one Playing CS since: Source ~ 2007 GO ~ 2014 Preferred Weapon: AK-47 Preferred Map: Dust 2 Why would you want to become a VPP member? Mostly everyone is friendly and cool to hang around with [Willing to help with anything, if needed]
  4. Mrs. Z

    Mrs. Z' Application

    Thank you Liam! It's an honor to be a part of the VPP Family
  5. Mrs. Z

    Hello All!

    I am currently new to the VPP servers. Moo recommended that I sign up and introduce myself in the forums (Thanks Moo!) You can call me Mrs. Z or Z I've been a PC gamer for 15+ years now. (I was a console gamer from when i was a wee bit up to when I had to move here in the US) Currently playing: CSGO, CSS, & OverWatch From time to time, I usually warm up in community servers and that's how I ended up in a VPP server. I currently only know Face, One, Tregg , and Moo that plays in the servers/ hops on teamspeak. But, hello everyone! Hopefully I get to meet some cool people on here ~Thanks for having me, *cheers* ~
  6. Mrs. Z

    Hello All!

    thank you it was nice meeting you last night and thanks again for the AK drop
  7. Mrs. Z

    Hello All!

    wait, what? I'm confused... Thanks for welcoming me! Sounds good, see you around!
  8. Mrs. Z

    Hello All!

    Thank you Liam! I hope so too I'll make sure to let you know, yes sir!
  9. Mrs. Z

    Hello All!

    LOL I can't promise that but I'll try. And you're welcome, you have a nice day as well