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      Please be sure to include your steam ID and IGN in the comments while you donate so we know who its from if you're logged in as guest (Unless you're registered and signed in) It will automatically post a thread once you donate   If you did not include this information in your Donation Note, Please create a new Support Request here with the following information: Your In-Game Name SteamID
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      Player Support   03/12/2017

      Please use our Support Central located here:http://clanvpp.com/forum/7-support-central/ CHATBOX IS NOT FOR SUPPORT
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      VPP LAN Party Late 2017/Early 2018   04/04/2017

      Please click the following thread for more information and replies  
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      Please view the below post for more information.   


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  1. banned st1morol-EZ-

    you could just keep your mouth shut and not reply back to them....Kinda seems like the logical thing to do over a video game on the internet. You know, Kinda like how I did to you last night when you said you hope my family dies....
  2. Picture's of OUR Cars/Dailys/Whips !

    q5 and S3 are the daily's.
  3. banned st1morol-EZ-

    Wait.....You're still banned?
  4. banned st1morol-EZ-

    Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??
  5. New donation from spoooolin

    "SPOOOOLIN" STEAM_1:1:28536592 Is that what you need?
  6. Spoooolin

    I play in the Dallas server whenever its not full. Likewise, If you see me feel free to say Hi!
  7. Spoooolin

    Just started playing this game again since I rebuilt my gaming PC and have been on your servers most of the time. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name in the game is Spoooolin, or spoon. (Yes, it relates to boosted vehicles, thats what I do.) Real name is Kurt though. I know I suck currently, it will take me a little bit to get back into it.