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  1. i did not verify, was called in remotely for aimbot, so perma'd
  2. im not actively looking at hours, i do it in chunks i will check again in a bit this weekend
  3. perma muted as i was called in remotely for issue he can appeal and have a second chance by admins to keep an eye on him
  4. 1st round of validations done
  6. Updated Rosters Wooki is now placed under looking for team?
  7. welcome enjoy your stay
  8. Just to be a little bit clear on how coaching works. Coach will be able to sit in spectate during the match using the coach feature This option will allow the coach to watch the game LIVE, with their team (but obviously only able to see their team's functions) This feature is beneficial if you decide to use it to help be a "6th eye" so to say on the team (Or in Biscuits case, a "6th mouth" )
  9. Updated Rosters Please post any updates, dont edit with updates as i wont focus on checking edits
  10. For all captains and team leaders that are confused as to how the round robin stages are set up, please pm me and I can talk to you 1-on-1 and explain how the personal Scheduling works
  11. Looks like this is happening! Get your team's together and sign up!!