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  1. Let me remind everyone how the post-verdict ended. And how their behavior "was" Im not one to hold grudges, but if the higher-ups above me want to give you another chance, thats up to them Ive long moved forward since this incident. so whether or not you get unbanned does not matter to me
  2. WHY IS THERE YET ANOTHER ACCOUNT?? same IP as the OP, but created from 2015
  3. Seems like he created a brand new account in order to post on forums
  4. Just checked the ban logs That is "Power of Friendship" Steam ID STEAM_1:1:9911060 IPaddress: 76.184.xxx.xxx Blocked (17) The Power of Friendship, The Power of Friendship, The Power of Friendship, The Power of Friendship, The Power of Friendship, The Power of Friendship, The Power of Friendship, Dumbass niggas, Dumbass niggas, THE SEMEN DEMON, THE SEMEN DEMON, THE SEMEN DEMON, Oh Happy Day, Papa Smurf, Myocardial inflation, That nigga with the black skin, Roberto
  5. Post your Battlestation

    i rearranged it for better use, but yeah, have had 3x 27" 144hz monitors for a while now
  6. Post your Battlestation

    pic from maybe 18 months ago
  7. Cherryyy Membership Application

    Hi, +1 approval
  8. All Tournament Vods have been posted Tournament has ended. Thank you all for participating
  10. Are you guys finalizing Monday, July 31st, 9:30pm EST?
  11. Ok Just post and pm me as soon as you know Would like to wrap this up by sunday
  12. Brackets updated with scores and time for second semifinal
  13. @LoLomgeastY @shoottomaim @mdnght @Copenhagen Whatever works best for you guys, just make sure all games are done by end of this week
  14. also if not referenced already: @Copenhagen Your match is Monday (today, unless rescheduled) @LoLomgeastY Your match is Wednesday (unless rescheduled)