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  1. All csgo servers are down as of right now due to patch valve rolled out
  2. acknowledged

    Inferno and Nuke have broken spawn points as it points to old map spawn locations (New maps = spawn in stuck areas) Mapvote does not work in MOST cases (If you select the same map that you are currently on, it will remain the same map - ex. d2 ended, vote d2 = restart d2, otherwise go to nextmap) You HAVE an option to select your CT/T weapons and the instance of allowing yourself to randomly spawn with awp. Its the standard between all rifle retake servers (Unless you want to get the pistol plugin too, but that would be a completely new mod - includes famas/galil options)
  3. Dates: Feb 15 - April 15 Requirements - Own a reserved slot (Donator) Top points in Dallas 30man Pub 1st place: AWP | Lightning Strike | Factory New (~$60) 2nd place: AK Stattrak Blue Laminated | Field Tested (~$12) 3rd place: Souvenier P250 | Gunsmoke | from Cologne 2015 (Team EnVyus stickers,KioShima sticker) (~$5) Winners: 1st Place: 2soon jr (In trade) 2nd Place: K-Type (Completed) 3rd Place: MVRK (Completed)
  4. Contest has been closed Winners are: 1 Nola Baby 2SoonJr 8,634 4d 17:53h 3,967 2,519 1.57 1,316 691 2 K-Type 8,412 4d 06:06h 3,387 2,175 1.56 719 601 3 NO REGERTS! 8,171 2d 12:17h 2,510 1,471 1.71 583 689
  6. Oh? Please describe in details
  7. banned

    Locking topic as this is an invalid appeal and does not follow guidelines stickied in forums Even says to read before posting As well as another admin even posted the required fields for you, you still are unable to follow directions
  8. This would be my 5th time 2x with nLo and 2x with VPP (3rd this time around)
  9. mmmmmmmmmmm
  10. i like where this is going. i love food forget about the lan, lets just go on a food journey
  11. banned

    Please follow the proper Appeal format and we can look further into this Lack of following directions does not help your cause, and makes our job a little bit harder
  12. dam, do i have to host a IRL tournament? fml
  13. Liam It's on the Dallas 30man server Because it's only affecting off peak hours and only when a user is abusing the swap team bug I say leave it as its helping more than hurting the server Especially in the peak hours
  14. banned

    I am not the banning admin, but here's my initial issues with this appeal: Please follow the correct format (Unknown Steam ID?) Also... Before clicking on any links to unknown sources. Nor do I care that account information was leaked (Bring this up with the source (ESEA) with that issue Any accounts/players playing on any/all servers are to be presumed to be YOURSELF (If you know someone is playing on your account, make a post so the community knows that the person using your name/account IS NOT yourself (Admins can also take action to temp ban them until you recover your account) Also, why was there no appeal on the original account, and chose to play on your second account? Are you ban evading? You're talking about leaked accounts from December. Yet your 1st account was banned in February 19th. I can pretty much say that you COULD be permanently banned due to ban evading (And not initially appealing the original ban), but I will let the banning admin have his take on what the initial issue was
  15. Disqualified from the contest as they have been planting/defusing for points with bots during off-peak hours: Vintovka STEAM_0:1:13534589 I am STEAM_0:1:627393
  16. Lies, i brought you here too
  17. @HEHE Youre Welcome, glad i we could assist
  18. I say no skins
  19. VPP CS:GO Winter Tournament Want your chance to win some hot chocolate money to get you through the cold winter? Get ready for another CS:GO tournament hosted by VPP, in a similar fashion to our successful tournaments in the past. Like what you saw the last season? Why not join in on the fun. Tournament is free to join. Invite your friends and have some fun (See below for requirements) Deadline for Team registration ends: January 20th Team Registration Closed Member registration/validation ends: January 22nd Member Registration Closed First Match begins: January 23rd, 2017 GOOD LUCK TEAMS RESULTS: 1st place: Team Biscuits ($300) 2nd place: Team Lucid Ladies Reborn ($150) 3rd place: bot.gg ($50) Requirements: - All members must be a VPP server player, VPP member, or friend of the VPP community. (Minimum 10+ hours gameplay) Or if deemed by admin as active player Want to check your hours? Go here: http://clanvpp.gameme.com/ Rules: ** TEAMS ** - There will be a total of 4-8 teams in the entire bracket. (Or more, based on submissions) - Each team will comprise of 5 people. (2 substitutions optional, but must be included in the roster submission) - NO RINGERS ALLOWED AT ALL. No excuses. Any absences will be your disadvantage. There are now 2 sub slots for a reason - Non-validated members are not eligible to play in the tournament ** Matches ** - Group Stage Match is Best of 3 maps - Semifinals is Best of 3 maps - Finals is Best of 3 maps - Dallas 128 tick server - Winners move on to play in the upper bracket, losers drop out of the upper bracket and get moved to the lower bracket to try to redeem themselves. To view the full brackets and detailed information: http://challonge.com/vppwinter - Map will be decided by a coin flip from the officiator: league style: Picks and Bans of a pool of 7 (1 Veto each team, Map pick 1+2, 1 Veto each team, last map is tie-breaker) - Loser of the coin flip with have choice of side first (CT or T) - Map Pool: de_dust2 de_mirage de_cache de_cbble de_nuke de_overpass de_train - An officiator must be present during the match (To set up the match, as well as to monitor the game in progress) - 1 Tactical timeout (2 minutes) may be used per team, per side, per map. (If deemed it is a technical timeout, a tactical timeout will not be charged) - Advised that any streamers actively playing in a match should delay their stream for 2 or more minutes to prevent stream sniping (Any stream sniping is at the streamer's own risk and not valid for dispute) - Matches can be reschduled if BOTH teams agree up to 60 minutes prior to match start and told to an officiator. Otherwise, matches will be played as is (ex. 5v4, 4v4, etc.) - Live matches consisting of 3 or fewer players on a team will be a auto-forfeit loss - BOTH team captains MUST record ENTIRE DEMOS of their WHOLE MATCH. Failure to do so MAY disqualify the team from the match/map. - (Demos submissions are only required if there is a dispute in a match/map) - It is recommended that you record separate demos per map on a match - There will be ONE bracket match per day - Matches start on: Monday, January 23rd, 2017 Match Default times are at 9:00pm EST, 6:00pm PST UNLESS agreed upon between BOTH teams for a date/time change Also, both team leaders (Or valid member) must notify an officiator to confirm change A grace period of 5 minutes to warmup/start match is given while waiting to join server (Ex. Time confirmed for 8:00pm, players can join anywhere up until 8:05pm, Match goes live at 8:05pm with or without missing players - including defaulted auto-forfeit losses for missing players) Anyone who is NOT part of the match/commentary will get kicked and/or banned pending on situation If you wish to spectate, watch the live games from the commentaries below ** PRIZE ** Current Prize Pool: $500 $500 Paypal or Gift Card, will be sent to the team leader who will be responsible for distributing the split on their team 1st Place: Team will receive $60% (~$300) 2nd Place:Team will receive $30% (~$150) 3rd Place:Team will receive $10% (~$50) Contributors: VPPGamingNetwork: $300 - Confirmed VPP Donations: $100 - Confirmed rav3n: $100 - Confirmed Prizes are contributed via donations If you are interested in donating to the tournament, go here: Click Here If you're interested in participating, please reply to this post in the format as follows: (Copy/Paste the quoted text) ============================================================================================================
  20. Tournament Results: 1st Place: Team Biscuits 2nd Place: Team Lucid Ladies Reborn 3rd Place: Team: bot.gg
  21. Finals: Accepted for Monday 20th, 9pm EST
  22. @contr0L @dAs.. Can both of you do Monday 9pm EST?
  23. how many members do you have on? its still possible to 4v5 or 4v4 worse case scenario (Only 3 or less is ffl)